What does Grief teach us about Love?

Grief has an incredible way of teaching us about love.

Recently, my family experienced a very tragic loss in the form of my aunt. She was quite a powerhouse of a lady and left a legacy of beautiful children and grandchildren, all carrying an imprint of spitfire and courage. When she passed, a huge hole opened in our family. Many people, including my cousins (her children and grandchildren), got swallowed up in that hole and felt only the loss.

However, grief has an incredible way of teaching us about love.

And love…. that's what I'm going to talk about this week.

After all, we're celebrating one of Hallmark's biggest holidays, Valentine's Day, and I don't want to diminish the powerful effects of love. And...I want to focus on something other than romantic love, with or without partnership. I'm on a train of thought here. Stay with me, friend.

As I said, grief has an incredible way of teaching us about love.

During my aunt's transition and passing, many people flew in from around...

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What does grief look like?

You know that phrase - When it rains, it pours? 

Whooo-boy, am I soaking wet right now. It's a bit of an emotional roller-coaster ride right now, but that's not where I'm going to leave you.

I want to take a moment to get real about grief.

Grief is something that we all share. We experience it when we are 'separated' from Source and arrive on this plane in our human vessel. We also feel it when we separate from our loved ones and all we know to go back to Source.

No one is immune to it, and everyone through different stages of their life will experience it more than once.

Grief can differ from disappointments that stack into micro-griefs, which can also become full-blown-body-wrecking losses. The spectrum is vast, and the timeline is intimately personal.

No one can say that you've grieved long enough or that you haven't grieved enough. Grief is an intimate and personal experience between you, your Higher Self, and those you influence and impact.

I'm experiencing the spectrum of...

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How to Find Your Inner Magic and Mojo

Do you feel like you've lost your spark?  Are you feeling disconnected from your Inner Magic and Mojo?

It's a new year ahead, and we're coming through a three-planet Retrograde season. Do you feel like you're moving through mud? Are you feeling the heavy vibes out there? Need to be more motivated? Are people around you acting like crazy fools?

Relax… you're exactly where you need to be right now. At least, that's what I keep telling myself daily to stay aligned and on track.

However, I may have been glazing over a bigger theme running under the surface. 

Recently, I had a session with my couple's therapist, and I had to admit something that I didn't want to.

I was tired. I felt fatigued. I didn't want to do anything that required 'work.' And this admission came after a four-day restful period of glamping and digital detoxing.  

Admitting that I felt fatigued and tired isn't my norm. I operate at two speeds: GO and STOP.

So when my GO was slowed down, all...

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Why Anchoring Hope Matters Right Now

Things are a bit messy right now in the air – literally and figuratively.

    Between environmental calamities, continued civil injustices, political and social unrest, surges of pandemic exposures and financial worries, there’s a thick layer of stress that looms over our world and we’re all feeling it.

That’s why it’s so important to anchor hope.

    Hope is a vibration that trusts that things will get better. It’s a frequency that relies on faith that you will be taken care of along the way.  It’s a deep knowing that something positive can still appear amidst all these maddening lessons and confusion.

    I’m not asking you to stick your head in a fish-bowl, move to another dimension, take some kind of substance that makes you forget this world.

    No, you’d be missing out on the greatest opportunity to participate in the Divine experiment of finding your place...

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Clarity and Closure Speak, Heal and Manifest

As this amazing year draws to a close, preparing for the next year means having clarity about what you want and closure about what you are completing and letting go.

I found this amazing duo to be super handy when I was cleaning my closet and rearranging my world.  I decided to gift myself a rare treat which was to take the day off.  In being clear about the necessity to return to my center, I let go and closed the need to always have to “work and be productive.”  Do you know what came from this powerful insight?  A wonderful song.

Clarity and Closure Speak

When I was crafting this song, the clarity that I received was like a download from The Most High.  I received information that changed my internal framework of being.  That song has stayed with me through out all this time.  In letting go of what I thought I needed to do that day, I laid closure to the pressure that I place on myself.  The gift that came from that was humble...

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I recently attended a ceremonial event recently where I drew the “Surrender” card.  It was like the Universe slapping me into consciousness.

“I surrender”

I realized this was the magic key! When you surrender to what Great Creator has in store for you and align yourself to Divine Will, then you can move aside and witness the miracle that happens in the unfoldment of your destiny.  This is like watching a movie of your life.  It is being the watcher, director and co-producer.  And surrendering doesn’t mean you succumb to defeat.  On the contrary, it means you align yourself with trusting in the Source to guide you rather than have your own egoic will foretell what is best.

“Let go and surrender to what you don’t know.”

When you choose to surrender  your will to The Divine, you allow yourself to trust and step into your full power.

I’ve created vision boards, stated the affirmations, envisioned...

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Give Yourself Permission


What does “Give Yourself Permission” mean?  I recently found out when I had my fingerprints quickly analyzed by Richard Unger.  What I found out nearly threw me for a loop and made me step into who I really am.

“Give Yourself Permission”

I thought I was already doing everything in integrity.  Then I found out that I had the markings of a benign dictator and the traits of a Red Queen.  Essentially, that meant that I had permission from the Universe to kick butt.  Was I really doing it though?

Sure my passions were being played out in my business and practice.  Sure I was living in joy and light. When I got the green light GO though in public, something in me stepped up to the plate fully.  In living in integrity, I decided that I was all that and more!

“Give Yourself Permission to Answer the Invitation”

When you choose to answer the invitation to step into your full power, you give yourself permission...

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