Appreciation is a gateway drug to feeling good


How appreciation can become a gateway drug to feeling good...

The adage, "What you give, you get," is so true, especially regarding appreciation. Practicing appreciation can instantaneously shift your perspective and change your entire outlook on life for the better.

Appreciation is an important precursor to gratitude because it opens the door to the act of thanksgiving. However, you can't express gratitude until you've experienced appreciation first. 

Appreciation is a gateway drug to seeing the good things in your life. When you focus on the good, the more of it you'll see. It becomes the filter for how you see the world, which means… you're permitting yourself to choose a perspective of joy, happiness, and possibility. 

When you anchor the foundation of appreciation in your life, you can easily express gratitude to others. You know what this gratitude is based on; it becomes a state for living authentically and in the moment. 

And when you pay it forward by...

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November Forecast, Lunar Eclipse and 11/11...what's happening this month


We have a MAJOR planetary experience this week. 

There's a Total Lunar Eclipse/Blood Full Moon on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, and the 11/11 Portal opening on Friday. So big messages are coming through from just these two planetary events.  

Check out my video on the November 2022 Forecast, where I cover the meaning of the Lunar Eclipse, the 11/11 Portal, and Six Key areas of life that the RKs wanted to cover.

There are some important themes for the month. These themes include cultivation, nurturing, and presence. 

We're coming into the season of the year where certain patterns begin to override our normal schedule, which can include holidays, gift-giving, travel, and more.

With the energy of the Lunar Eclipse, 11/11, and MARS in Retrograde, it may feel like a funky period where you're feeling excited and energetic, but the response from the world is a bit slower than you would like.

What do you do?  

  • Force it to happen?

  • Push through no matter...

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What's truly standing in the way of your greatness?

The dictionary defines greatness as 'the quality of being great, distinguished, or eminent.'

There's a lot more to the term 'distinguished or eminent' because it's an awareness that 'you have arrived.'

So, I'd like to ask you a difficult question…do you feel like you've arrived at your greatness?

Many of you that are reading this question are shaking your head. You wanted to attend the Imposter Syndrome training, but you held back for fear that you weren't deserving enough, or you pushed it to the back of your mind.

But something continues to eat at you…a feeling that somehow you're not quite living up to your true potential.

And that doesn't mean you're bad or failing at life. On the contrary, you may be in a time where you're doing the best you can. You're learning, evolving, healing, and taking care of your own stuff. But to call yourself in your state of greatness?!?

Maybe that's a stretch, but I will say this.

No one can tell you that you're in the moment of your...

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It's not too late to manifest a miracle...

It's not too late to manifest a miracle if you're looking for it every day.

That's how I felt when we recently wrapped up our most recent mini-training to Clear Blocks to Imposter Syndrome. It was a great success and a huge miracle for our community in The Akashic Collective. 

It was such a needed experience as we all occasionally face Imposter Syndrome, feeling not good enough or even worthy at times.

Good thing we had the Akashic Records, Record Keepers and Archangel Metatron helping to clear any blocks, patterns or lifetimes in the way where we didn't stand in our own true authenticity.

Did you miss the mini-training and would like to catch it? Here's the link to the replay.

As I's not too late to manifest a miracle in your life.  I am seriously witnessing these miracles every single day. I write something down in my journal and it arrives by the end of the day.

The RKs say it's because:

  • I'm doing the work to stay clear and open
  • I've done some major...
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What's happening in October 2022?


What's coming down the pipeline?

Can you believe it? It’s October, and we’re whizzing through this year at quantum speed!

There seems to be quite an energy buzzing around as we now move directly with Mercury and other planetary bodies.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the October Forecast, check out the video above.

The RK’s had some stellar information to share around key areas of your life. You may be asking…but I’m a Leo or an Aquarius! Does that pertain to me specifically?!?

The good news is that the RKs are tuning into the energy of the Akashic Collective around you and Mother Earth. Whether you’re a particular sign, the information is intended to support your decisions this month, so check it out if you’re curious.

We’ve got a lot of awesome training and experiences for you this month. Here’s what we’ve got to share.

FREE 3-Part Mini-Training 

If you’re a sensitive introvert, a...

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Clearing Blocks Tied to Imposter Syndrome

Have you been hiding behind this curtain called Imposter Syndrome?


One of the most repeated questions I get asked as a practitioner and Akashic Records Reader is how do I let go of Imposter Syndrome?

According to the Harvard Business Review, Imposter Syndrome is a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success. 'Imposters' suffer from chronic self-doubt and a sense of intellectual fraudulence that overrides any feelings of success or external proof of their competence.

In my observation, Imposter Syndrome is tied to multiple factors:

  • karmic contracts are tied to communication and expressing feelings, words, and intentions
  • courage to appear in your unique energetic form
  • comparison to how others do it
  • worry that you'll be called out for being a fake
  • lack of consistent results that cause you to doubt whether you're on the right track

Everyone, at some point in life, suffers from niggling doubt that threatens confidence and self-esteem. Imposter...

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Become an Akashic Records Guide - Fall Program Early Registration


Become an Akashic Records Guide - Fall Program Early Registration has officially begun!

I'm a student of self-improvement, spiritual service, and small business. Ever since I began doing readings for people, I've been on a quest and a search to experience what great readings look and feel like. 

I've had my holistic practice for over 15 years. In that time, I've received about 30 different types of readings, channeling, spiritual advice, channeled guidance, tarot and oracle card readings, and all different kinds of healing modalities.

One might think I'm a sucker for those kinds of things, but I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I trust what The Most High shares with me in my heart first before I go to others. So I like to get readings because I like to study how other people receive and what they deliver.

And let me tell you…not all readings are equal.

I've had my fair share of bad or ineffective readings, and I've also received some powerful and...

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Is it time for a recalibration?


How do you know it's time for a recalibration?

I recently found out about a client and her mother who were involved in an accident that resulted in one of them passing away. I felt a deep sadness and shock at how much it affected me. It jarred me to my core and spun me out into an existential crisis.  

Life is precious, and we never know how one moment can change everything.

It put the big picture into perspective. It made me realize that what we attend to is important and how we spend our time - whether with ourselves or others also matters. All the stuff that eats at our minds and causes us to spend our time in worry eventually fades away. 

I know it may sound morbid, but it makes the work in the Akashic Records so helpful when you understand the bigger picture and why we return to Earth. Perhaps that’s why it’s so important to discuss recalibration.

Recalibration is giving yourself the opportunity to:

  • check-in and reprioritize what’s important
  • ...
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Are you giving in?

There’s a vibrational ripple that’s been causing a distress call in the collective.

Words like recession, inflation, increasing costs, supply chain, and gas hikes are being thrown around, creating a frequency net of lack and distrust. It’s causing people to feel stressed and squeezed within.

Are you giving in to it? I hope not.

There’s an invitation to step out and trust. 

The signs are appearing around us. Global ascension IS happening and the Akashic Records are expanding our world view of what’s happening on a microcosmic, global, and galactic level.

Timelines are shifting as people contract and constrict in decisions they make daily.

One of the biggest worries appearing in Akashic Records Reading with clients is money worries and fears of not enough.

There’s a stress and anxiety tied to not knowing what’s next and feeling the weight of financial burdens.

This is why I came into this livestream to deliver these three important...

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Is WORRY overtaking your brain?

I don’t know about you, my friend, but the news around us display some abysmal information. It causes me to fixate on things that I can’t control. Next thing I know…I’m wrapped up in anxiety and worried about what will happen next.

This worry is why I get readings. I often get two to three readings each year. They’re Akashic Records, astrology, and angel readings.

Recently, I received an angel reading that revealed a core issue I’ve dealt with since childhood: worry.

I realized that I carry it; my mother and grandmother suffered from it, and my daughter is also overcome with anxiety and worry.

We’re not the only ones either. Over 40 million people suffer from symptoms of anxiety and worry daily. This worry and anxiety is a global epidemic crisis that doesn’t ever get addressed but is interwoven in the fabric of our being and society.

Worry appears even before you’re born.

Your parents worried about your health, whether they had...

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