🧭 Navigating the Spiritual Labyrinth: Unlocking the Akashic Records

How do you navigate the spiritual labyrinth of the Akashic Records?

When Sarah first heard of the Akashic Records from a dear friend, she was captivated. The idea of accessing universal wisdom was thrilling. Eagerly, she dived into every resource she could find – books, online courses, workshops. But soon, the vast sea of information seemed more like a storm, and Sarah found herself lost and overwhelmed, unsure of where to start or how to proceed.

The path to the Akashic Records is much like any spiritual journey: fraught with questions, challenges, and moments of doubt.

One of the most common stumbling blocks is the "How-To" aspect. With an abundance of resources, guides, and methodologies available, intuitives and seekers often feel paralyzed, unsure of which direction to take.

Why is the 'How-To' so Overwhelming?

  • Multiplicity of Methods: The Akashic Records, given their profound nature, have been approached in various ways across cultures and spiritual traditions. This...
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Six Planets in WHAT?!?!

Six planets in Retrograde. Are you ready for this?

I hope you're doing well, staying cool, and keeping the vibes positive! We are officially in the season of Mercury in Retrograde, and it's definitely time to hang on to your hats!

Mercury struck big time in my life yesterday when I watched 7 Facebook ads go live that absolutely had NO business getting published. WHAT?!?! Like…how did that even happen?

I was just trying to publish ONE ad and help my Virtual Assistant out, but somehow, my sticky little fingers got the best of me, and the next thing I knew…I was throwing wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, and all kinds of nails into the mix. This is how my face looked after I saw 7 ads go live without knowing what happened.

Perspective is an important thing to maintain when you have multiple planets in Retrograde.

As of today, we have:

  • Mercury is in Retrograde until Friday, September 15, 2023.
  • Venus is in Retrograde until Sunday, September 3, 2023.
  • Saturn is in Retrograde...
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Unlocking the Secrets: How the Akashic Records Store the Wisdom of the Universe

Welcome, fellow seekers of spiritual wisdom! Today, we embark on a fascinating journey into the enigmatic realm of the Akashic Records. As spiritually-curious visionaries, we are always eager to understand how this cosmic library stores the vast amount of knowledge and information it holds. Join me as we explore the depths of this mystical realm and uncover the secrets of its information storage.

Revisiting the Akashic Records:

Before we delve into the intricacies of the Akashic Records' data storage, let's refresh our understanding of what they truly are. The Akashic Records, often referred to as the Data in Light, are the energetic archive of all thoughts, emotions, and experiences throughout time and space. They are a reservoir of spiritual knowledge, connecting us to the collective consciousness and the wisdom of the universe itself.

The Location of the Akashic Records:

While the Akashic Records may not have a physical address in the traditional sense, they exist on a...

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Unleashing the Power of the Akashic Records: Your Path to Spiritual Evolution

I remember the first time I saw the words....Akashic Records. It was at a flyer at a local herbal shop. I couldn't explain WHY I felt the pull, I just did.  When I attended the workshop, something happened in me. I wanted to know more about who I was, why I was here, what I was meant to do.  Those questions opened the door to my journey into the Akashic Records. I was 33 years old, and it was time to remember who I was.

Unlocking the secrets of the Universe and connecting with higher wisdom is a journey that many spiritually-curious individuals embark upon. In this blog post, we will delve into the mystical realm of the Akashic Records, a powerful tool for spiritual evolution and self-discovery. Join me as we explore what the Akashic Records are, how they facilitate personal growth, and what they can reveal about you.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records, often referred to as the Book of Life, are an ethereal library that holds the collective consciousness and...

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How to FIRE the Shitty Committee and Become the Boss In Your Head

Hey there, fabulous readers!

Hope you're all feeling as fabulous as you look! Let's dive right into this wonky donkey season we're experiencing, where the energy is all over the place, leaving us feeling like we're doing the cha-cha with chaos! But fear not, my friends, because we've got this!

If you're feeling the whirlwind of emotions, bravo! Your Spidey Senses are in full swing, and you're tuning into the vibes around you like a pro. And for those who haven't caught the wave yet, keep those blinders on and keep strutting your special trajectory. I'm rooting for you to keep that momentum going!

As an empath, channel and Akashic Records Reader, I'm a pro at picking up on energy vibes like a radio station tunes into hits. But, oh boy, I've had my share of run-ins with the "shitty committee" up in my head.They thought they could mess with me, but I showed them who's boss!

You know that feeling when you're just "off"? Yeah, I played that game with myself too. But hey, we all have our...

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Burnout is REAL. Have you been feeling it?

I hope you're doing well and feeling blessed. I wanted to give you a sneak peek of what's happening in my world.

I've been suffering from burnout for a little while and needed to take a much-needed break to create more space, vitality, and energy in my life, business, and body. I realize I'm not the only one, and I'm hearing this in my sessions with others. Even our collective planet is slightly burned out from so much stress and anxiety.

I realized I had hit a wall before starting my Nine Shades of 50 tour. I thought… Surely, this would be the antidote to overdoing and overworking. Instead, I found that traveling was taking a toll on my system instead of feeding it. Going to see live music wasn't fulfilling my desires. I found myself feeling tired, irritated, and moody AF. Oh no…what happened?!? I thought we cleared all this in the spiritual cocoon.

No matter what I did, I wasn't shifting inside. I was feeling severely stuck in burnout, unmotivated,...

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Emerging from the Spiritual Cocoon: My Personal Journey of Transformation

When June began, I was bubbling with excitement.

Not only was I turning 50 and celebrating my Nine Shades of Fifty tour, but I was also taking three glorious weeks off. I had big plans and goals for my time away. However, life had a different plan for me. Little did I know, I was about to enter a spiritual cocoon, disconnect from the world, and undergo a profound transformation.

Hitting a Wall

As I looked at the map of my life, I felt a sense of disorientation. It was as if the map was upside down, written in an unfamiliar language. Who was this overly ambitious and work-focused person? Was I merely a robot programmed for one mode: work? The realization struck me that I was missing crucial elements in my life: coherence, cohesion, clarity, cadence, consistency, and completion. These six C's became the catalysts for my evolution and growth.

Finding Coherence

The first challenge I faced was a lack of coherence between my mind and heart. My mind was determined to pursue one path, while...

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Mastering Life's Slow Rhythm: Embrace Your 50s with Mindful Living and Wellness

blog mindset Jun 06, 2023

Have you ever felt as if life is rapidly racing past, like a record playing at the wrong speed?

One moment you're belting out ABBA's 'Dancing Queen,' and the next you're contemplating the allure of thermal socks. Time, the ultimate rock star, refuses to slow its rhythm.

But what if you could compose your own life's song, where your 50s became your greatest album yet? If you could harmonize with Mother Nature and your Higher Self to create a hit track that resonates with personal wellness and mindful living. Welcome to your backstage pass to the art of slowing down.

Last week was a mashup of experiences. I was strumming the chords of life from a rock concert in Dallas to a live conference in Austin and a funeral in Chicago. Even the Stones would've found it hard to keep up. Then my bestie dropped the bombshell: she'd contracted The Rona.

Suddenly, my life felt like a track stuck on repeat. I was exhausted, irritable and plagued with headaches. If my body had a DJ, it was screaming...

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How to go from spiritual amnesia to soul emergence

How do you go from spiritual amnesia to soul emergence?

Let me show you how... 

Eight weeks ago, I received a message from the RKs that it was time to discuss spiritual amnesia.   

It had been floating around for a while in my sessions with the Akashic Records, but they became insistent that the time was NOW to bring it up to the collective conscience.  

So I began to record videos, mainly on TikTok, talking about symptoms of spiritual amnesia and what that means. This was all in preparation for teaching students in Become an Akashic Records Guide and MYSTIC. I felt like I was on fire and showing up with passion and purpose every day.  

Then...I found myself experiencing spiritual amnesia and forgetting. I had energetic relapses that started with small niggling moments of self-doubt that spiraled into feeling down, lonely, isolated, and super-duper-beyond-my-comprehension-over-emotional-about-EVERYTHING.  

Let's face it… we're all sensitive...

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What do your stories reveal about you?

Our stories reveal our soul's journey, purpose and lessons.

If you were to look in my closet, you'd find an epic amount of concert t-shirts. These t-shirts represent my long love affair with live music. However, these t-shirts seem to define a time in my life, and I realize maybe that story is shifting. Maybe I'm shifting.

Our stories and what we tell ourselves matter because they amalgamate how we experience life.

When I take stock of my concert t's, they represent a spectrum of music, freedom, and memories I'll cherish forever. However, concert t's aren't always the most appropriate attire when presenting a more professional persona.

That's what led me to examine the pre-existing story I've held for a while: When you 'grow up,' you become boring and old-fashioned.

I look at these concert t's and realize silk tops, nice blouses, and beautiful prints are slowly edging them out to the hidden drawers. Oh no....am I becoming...old?!?

I can either hold on to the story that I'm going...

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