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We work together to help you receive the clarity, guidance, and assistance
to live a happy, healthy and purposeful life.

Hello, my name is Anne Marie! I operate my own holistic practice, Body Energy Connection LLC, where I work with clients in the Akashic Records, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) and Holographic DNA Recombination.  

My goal is to help you receive the information and tools that elevates your consciousness, aligns you on your soul’s path and maximizes your impact in the world.

I offer 1:1 private sessions, coaching and teach live intensives. My core programs are Become an Akashic Records Guide and MYSTIC - Advanced Training in the Akashic Records. Both are taught yearly.

I am excited that you're here. Let's continue and remember our soul's sacred journey together.

Working together can lead to BIG transformations like…

❃ feeling confident about the decisions you're making
❃ having healthier relationships with yourself, family, friends and partner
❃ increasing your security, self-esteem and confidence
❃ healing your relationship with money and prosperity
❃ creating a safe, comfortable and happy home
❃ attracting your Divine, Loving Life Partner or Soul Match
❃ strengthening your connection to The Creator

All of this possible and more.  It takes courage to dive deep into yourself and face the shadows, secrets and stories.  It takes brevity of heart to love and forgive yourself and others. It takes will and faith to visualize and dream the kind of life you deserve to live.

I know you can do it.  After all, you came to this site, not by accident or coincidence.
You came because you were ready. And it begins with a question:

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Anne Marie has owned and operated her own holistic practice, Body Energy Connection LLC, for over 14 years and is also a registered nurse with over 20 years of experience.

Anne works with clients all over the world in the Akashic Records, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) and Holographic DNA Recombination.

Her goal is to help you receive the information and tools that elevates your consciousness, aligns you on your soul’s path and maximizes your impact in the world.

She is available for private and group consultations as well as teaching and speaking engagements.

Wake up From Spiritual Amnesia Challenge - May 1, 2 & 3 - 2024
Free Masterclass: Three Mistakes People Make Working with the Akashic Records
Become an Akashic Records Guide - Join the Waitlist for May 2024
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When you schedule a session at Body Energy Connection, YOU are the focus and our goal is to help you see the big picture, support you with actionable information and advocate for you in the Higher Realms. This can lead to a:

  • Greater sense of ease, inner peace and freedom
  • Clarity, Support and Confidence in making decisions
  • Opportunities to increase your intuition, abilities and connection to others


Dear Anne Marie, thank you so much for the completely awesome reading! It was very insightful, accurate and so helpful! I am going to listen again and take notes and then take action on the things the Record Keepers suggested and take it all to heart!

- Karen

Thank you again for everything. You are an inspiration and have changed my life!! I will definitely be in touch and also be referring you to as many people as possible.

- Elizabeth

My goodness this is amazing! I enjoyed our session tremendously & I want to set up another one for I have even more things that I now would like to get clarity on. Thank you again so very much for your gift. It’s truly beautiful what you do and how you are able to help people.

- Nikki

Thanks again for lending your abilities to the blessing of our home. I totally feel that it ours now. May God bless you for the service you provide to others because it truly is a gift that brings light to this sometimes very dark and hard place. The light in me honors and salutes the light in you.

- Christina

Oh dang…the feels got ya again?

Apr 11, 2024

Has integration post-eclipse been a little rough?

Apr 10, 2024

FREE VIDEO: Solar Eclipse Energy Clearing for you

Apr 08, 2024


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