How to FIRE the Shitty Committee and Become the Boss In Your Head

Hey there, fabulous readers!

Hope you're all feeling as fabulous as you look! Let's dive right into this wonky donkey season we're experiencing, where the energy is all over the place, leaving us feeling like we're doing the cha-cha with chaos! But fear not, my friends, because we've got this!

If you're feeling the whirlwind of emotions, bravo! Your Spidey Senses are in full swing, and you're tuning into the vibes around you like a pro. And for those who haven't caught the wave yet, keep those blinders on and keep strutting your special trajectory. I'm rooting for you to keep that momentum going!

As an empath, channel and Akashic Records Reader, I'm a pro at picking up on energy vibes like a radio station tunes into hits. But, oh boy, I've had my share of run-ins with the "shitty committee" up in my head.They thought they could mess with me, but I showed them who's boss!

You know that feeling when you're just "off"? Yeah, I played that game with myself too. But hey, we all have our...

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Mastering Life's Slow Rhythm: Embrace Your 50s with Mindful Living and Wellness

blog mindset Jun 06, 2023

Have you ever felt as if life is rapidly racing past, like a record playing at the wrong speed?

One moment you're belting out ABBA's 'Dancing Queen,' and the next you're contemplating the allure of thermal socks. Time, the ultimate rock star, refuses to slow its rhythm.

But what if you could compose your own life's song, where your 50s became your greatest album yet? If you could harmonize with Mother Nature and your Higher Self to create a hit track that resonates with personal wellness and mindful living. Welcome to your backstage pass to the art of slowing down.

Last week was a mashup of experiences. I was strumming the chords of life from a rock concert in Dallas to a live conference in Austin and a funeral in Chicago. Even the Stones would've found it hard to keep up. Then my bestie dropped the bombshell: she'd contracted The Rona.

Suddenly, my life felt like a track stuck on repeat. I was exhausted, irritable and plagued with headaches. If my body had a DJ, it was screaming...

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Reflect, Renew, and Rejoice: How to Make the Most of the End of the Year

The phrase "reflect, renew, and rejoice" suggests three key ways to make the most of the end of the year: reflection, renewal, and celebration. 

Reflecting on the past year involves taking the time to think about the things that happened over the year and how they impacted you. This might include making a list of accomplishments, challenges, and things you're grateful for. 

Renewal involves:

  • Looking ahead.
  • Setting goals for the coming year.
  • Taking care of yourself and your well-being. 

Finally, rejoicing involves finding joy and celebrating the end of one year and the start of another. This action might involve spending time with loved ones, doing something fun, or practicing gratitude. By taking the time to reflect, renew, and rejoice, you can end the year on a positive note and set the stage for a successful and fulfilling year ahead.

It's natural to want to reflect on the past 12 months and look ahead to the future. Whether you're looking to set new goals,...

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Appreciation is a gateway drug to feeling good


How appreciation can become a gateway drug to feeling good...

The adage, "What you give, you get," is so true, especially regarding appreciation. Practicing appreciation can instantaneously shift your perspective and change your entire outlook on life for the better.

Appreciation is an important precursor to gratitude because it opens the door to the act of thanksgiving. However, you can't express gratitude until you've experienced appreciation first. 

Appreciation is a gateway drug to seeing the good things in your life. When you focus on the good, the more of it you'll see. It becomes the filter for how you see the world, which means… you're permitting yourself to choose a perspective of joy, happiness, and possibility. 

When you anchor the foundation of appreciation in your life, you can easily express gratitude to others. You know what this gratitude is based on; it becomes a state for living authentically and in the moment. 

And when you pay it forward by...

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