I can't believe it's been 10 years

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Today is a very special day for me. I’m celebrating my 10 year anniversary with my Beloved King, Jon.

This is the longest relationship that I’ve been in, and it’s also been the happiest, easiest and most supportive. Like all relationships, there have been ups and downs but we've traversed it in a way that's made the last 10 years fly by so fast.

I didn’t think that I could have this, but my future self did.

For many years before Jon appeared in my life, I would hear this one word repeated over and over: WAIT.

I would hear this when I met new people, get asked out or have moments when I wondered and pondered if someone was worth my time and energy.

“Wait” stopped the moment I got with Jon, and has been radio silent ever since.

This is why soul contracts and timing exist. I know it’s our time now.

Sometimes we think we’re ready but Spirit knows better, and we have lessons to learn before we take that leap forward.

This is a big year for Jon and I, and we’re making plans for our future that both scare and excite us. However, there’s no one else I’d like to do this dance with so I’m stuck with this guy (and in a good way).

I’ve never leaned into someone like I have with him, and it’s been a stretch for me to accept help and love.

A lot of my success in my work has come because I have a partner who believes in me so much. This is something I’m truly grateful for.

So today, I’m honoring my Beloved and dedicating this newsletter to him.

I really racked my brain trying to figure out what would be the most appropriate gift.

Everything seemed to pail in comparison to what we give each other daily: words of love and affirmation, touch and affection, time together and gratitude for living the best life with each other.

Seriously…every gift I looked at in Amazon, Target and everywhere else didn’t seem enough. So this is what I’ve got….words from my heart.

I never thought I could have this kind of love with you
Love lessons before only prepared me to be true
If I had to wait a thousand years, I would
For the time to love you as I should

Ten is not enough to show what we’ve done together
When we’ve journeyed through lifetimes with each other
What I do know is that our time is right and now
And I’ll keep on loving you with my sacred vow

I thank the Most High for the gift of you
And each day we have, we begin anew
So whether it’s ten, twenty, fifty or one hundred
Our love is true, timeless and unencumbered

So here’s to you, my Beloved King
May our love today always ring
Loud and free, pure and joyful
Because loving you makes my heart full

So there you go, friend. I'm not a poet at heart but a writer and composer so this is BIG for me to share something so creative with you.

Thank you for reading for helping me share this special day with my Beloved.

I super appreciate you and hope you have a stellar April month ahead!

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