Catch the 888 Lion's Gate Meditation here

 Today, I shared a special meditation and activation from the Akashic Records for Lion’s Gate 888 Portal.   


This meditation and activation is super deep and covers:


  • the significance of 888
  • Akashic Record Messages for the 8 Power Centers of the body
  • a special meditation to manifest, magnetize and match your outcome


Click here to watch that video.


After the 888 Lions Portal Activation, I sat with my Beloved, Jon, and was sipping my coffee, a bit lost in thought.


I could feel that space was created within me through the Akashic Records and their activation. I could feel an upliftment in my Spirit and mind. But there was still something I was dragging along.


It felt like a weight of worry, something I had released during the activation and meditation, but it crept back into my thoughts.


I ask this question, “How Much is TOO MUCH?” because I work with high-level action takers, executives, entrepreneurs,...

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