Catch the 888 Lion's Gate Meditation here

888 lions gate akashic records Aug 10, 2022
888 Lions Gate Meditation

 Today, I shared a special meditation and activation from the Akashic Records for Lion’s Gate 888 Portal.   


This meditation and activation is super deep and covers:


  • the significance of 888
  • Akashic Record Messages for the 8 Power Centers of the body
  • a special meditation to manifest, magnetize and match your outcome


Click here to watch that video.


After the 888 Lions Portal Activation, I sat with my Beloved, Jon, and was sipping my coffee, a bit lost in thought.


I could feel that space was created within me through the Akashic Records and their activation. I could feel an upliftment in my Spirit and mind. But there was still something I was dragging along.


It felt like a weight of worry, something I had released during the activation and meditation, but it crept back into my thoughts.


I ask this question, “How Much is TOO MUCH?” because I work with high-level action takers, executives, entrepreneurs, and creative agents. 


Sometimes, we force and push our desires, plans, and dreams into existence before they’re ready, and were left weary and exhausted.


So…how much is TOO MUCH?


Anything we do requires a fine balance of giving, taking, and receiving. 


These are five signs that you’re overdoing it, over-pushing it, and most of all…not trusting in Source to bring it:


  1. You can’t stop thinking about IT, and it feels all-consuming.
  2. You’re worried about IT and feel like you need to address all the angles around IT.
  3. You constantly talk about IT to others as if you’re looking for an answer that may be different than the rest.
  4. You even dream about IT, and it’s like you don’t have a break.
  5. You doubt that IT will happen; if it does, it may not match your original expectation.


Whatever IT is for you, know that it needs to dissipate in pressure, energy, and force if it’s going to FIT in your life.


You can’t keep carrying the same load and expect a different outcome.


That is why we’re going through an accordion phase of expansion and contraction: we’re cleaning up the elements of our Soul’s Song on Earth.


Where there is a lack of confidence or inner peace - we’re here to reclaim it and integrate wholeness.


Where there is worry and fear - we’re here to trust that we’re being Guided on our path


So how do you know when it’s too much? When you can no longer carry IT, you must let IT go to have space.


Please give it to Spirit. Please give it to your Angels. Please give it to your Soul Council and Spirit Guides.  


You’re here to live, experience, feel and choose. So let there be space for that to happen.



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