Emerging from the Spiritual Cocoon: My Personal Journey of Transformation

When June began, I was bubbling with excitement.

Not only was I turning 50 and celebrating my Nine Shades of Fifty tour, but I was also taking three glorious weeks off. I had big plans and goals for my time away. However, life had a different plan for me. Little did I know, I was about to enter a spiritual cocoon, disconnect from the world, and undergo a profound transformation.

Hitting a Wall

As I looked at the map of my life, I felt a sense of disorientation. It was as if the map was upside down, written in an unfamiliar language. Who was this overly ambitious and work-focused person? Was I merely a robot programmed for one mode: work? The realization struck me that I was missing crucial elements in my life: coherence, cohesion, clarity, cadence, consistency, and completion. These six C's became the catalysts for my evolution and growth.

Finding Coherence

The first challenge I faced was a lack of coherence between my mind and heart. My mind was determined to pursue one path, while...

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