Burnout is REAL. Have you been feeling it?

I hope you're doing well and feeling blessed. I wanted to give you a sneak peek of what's happening in my world.

I've been suffering from burnout for a little while and needed to take a much-needed break to create more space, vitality, and energy in my life, business, and body. I realize I'm not the only one, and I'm hearing this in my sessions with others. Even our collective planet is slightly burned out from so much stress and anxiety.

I realized I had hit a wall before starting my Nine Shades of 50 tour. I thought… Surely, this would be the antidote to overdoing and overworking. Instead, I found that traveling was taking a toll on my system instead of feeding it. Going to see live music wasn't fulfilling my desires. I found myself feeling tired, irritated, and moody AF. Oh no…what happened?!? I thought we cleared all this in the spiritual cocoon.

No matter what I did, I wasn't shifting inside. I was feeling severely stuck in burnout, unmotivated,...

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