How to go from spiritual amnesia to soul emergence

How do you go from spiritual amnesia to soul emergence?

Let me show you how... 

Eight weeks ago, I received a message from the RKs that it was time to discuss spiritual amnesia.   

It had been floating around for a while in my sessions with the Akashic Records, but they became insistent that the time was NOW to bring it up to the collective conscience.  

So I began to record videos, mainly on TikTok, talking about symptoms of spiritual amnesia and what that means. This was all in preparation for teaching students in Become an Akashic Records Guide and MYSTIC. I felt like I was on fire and showing up with passion and purpose every day.  

Then...I found myself experiencing spiritual amnesia and forgetting. I had energetic relapses that started with small niggling moments of self-doubt that spiraled into feeling down, lonely, isolated, and super-duper-beyond-my-comprehension-over-emotional-about-EVERYTHING.  

Let's face it… we're all sensitive...

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