November Forecast, Lunar Eclipse and 11/11...what's happening this month


We have a MAJOR planetary experience this week. 

There's a Total Lunar Eclipse/Blood Full Moon on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, and the 11/11 Portal opening on Friday. So big messages are coming through from just these two planetary events.  

Check out my video on the November 2022 Forecast, where I cover the meaning of the Lunar Eclipse, the 11/11 Portal, and Six Key areas of life that the RKs wanted to cover.

There are some important themes for the month. These themes include cultivation, nurturing, and presence. 

We're coming into the season of the year where certain patterns begin to override our normal schedule, which can include holidays, gift-giving, travel, and more.

With the energy of the Lunar Eclipse, 11/11, and MARS in Retrograde, it may feel like a funky period where you're feeling excited and energetic, but the response from the world is a bit slower than you would like.

What do you do?  

  • Force it to happen?

  • Push through no matter...

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