Are you ready to receive the gifts from your Ancestors?

The Gifts of From Your Ancestors

When the Record Keepers first showed me the information around the Ancestral Bridge, I wasn’t quite sure how to proceed. It was new to me, and I was surprised that our ancestors wanted anything to do with us in the present moment.  


After all, hadn’t they already achieved their crowning glory and were now chillin’ in the big chair in the sky? Apparently not. They still have some work to do, and it’s with us.


What we know about the afterlife is evolving, and many near-death experiences show us that we’re just beginning to grasp what’s beyond this veil of reality. This awareness is radically important because ancestral healing is a growing practice, and we stand at the precipice of contribution, impact, and making a difference. 


In addition, when we connect the link between the past and the future, we realize that we are the present generation that will one day become the...

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Release yourself from the grip of obligation

Obligation. What an interesting word to examine during a time of ancestral connection and honoring. 

I share this with you because you are the Ancestral Bridge, and you have an important job on Earth.

Many of your previous ancestors had it rough and tough. Many of them didn't have access to resources, people, or opportunities. Very few, especially if you were female, had rights or choices. So in some ways, you have it easier. In others, you don't.

Your ancestors pushed hard to create the life that would help them survive. They weren't always the nicest or most educated of folks, but they contributed something. 

Because of this energetic contribution from the past, there is pressure in the present container to do something worthy. This pressure can create a myriad of stressors, from overworking to over-preservation. However, this pressure is energetically linked to obligation, and as an ancestral bridge, you can work with this energy.

You can either carry the...

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Activating Your Sacred Bond with Your Ancestors

I have a special altar in my home that we've relegated just for our Ancestors. My grandparents are there along with my partner's family and friends. On this special altar, we even have our beloved Buster, our dog that passed away this year.

This altar is special to us. It represents a place of honor, respect, and memories.  

Sometimes, I'm caught off-guard by a passing memory of my grandmother, and my eyes are invariably drawn to this altar. I feel like it's a message that she's delivering to remind me of our connection.

This month, we're focusing on honoring our Ancestors and our sacred bond with them.

We have a special position and part to play. We hold a very important purpose which is to be a Bridge of Light for our ancestral line.

Being a Bridge of Light is a conscious act of attention, awareness, and service.  

Each of us exists as a potential Bridge of Light. We hold our Ancestors' dreams, efforts, and hopes while also carrying the dreams, efforts, and...

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The sacred connection between Time and the Ancestral Line

Recently, the Record Keepers called me to take a deep meditative journey with them and the Time Lords. It happened recently on a Saturday night where I had a rare evening alone to myself. I could sense their urgency as if they had something important to deliver.


I followed through on their request for council and prepared my space. First, I brought out music instruments, watercolor paper, markers, paints, and pencils. Then, I quieted my mind and set out in silence, waiting to hear their message.

The first image appeared as a symbol of the Divine form. This form always appears the same, with three circles in descending order, each larger than before. This is the way the Divine has appeared to me for years. It is faceless, genderless, and neutral. It takes the form of the Watcher and the Observer.


The second image appeared in the form of the Mobius loop or the infinity symbol. This Mobius loop is a sacred geometrical symbol that represents the...

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5 Time-Saving Tweaks That Will Make a HUGE Difference in Your Life

What would you accomplish if you could slow down the hands of Time?

Would you finally take that dream trip? Would you spend more time with your loved ones? Would you take that courageous leap of faith and DO that thing you’ve always wanted to do but kept putting off?

Well, friend, NOW is the time to take advantage of the time you have, NOT later.

Later, you may find that you don’t have the strength, energy, or vitality to do the work you want. You may find that you don’t have the same desire. Or you may find that it’s too late.

Let me tell you a magical story about Time…

Yesterday morning I had less than 9 minutes to get home from the restaurant that I was at to make it to my live class at 12:00 pm CST. It was 11:51 am, and I was 15 minutes away.

I knew what I had to do, but dang, that window was really small!

I called in the Time Lords and asked for help. I asked them to ‘bend time’ for me to get home by noon. They...
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Heads up: It's a Pisces Full Moon and a Fall Equinox this week! How are you mastering your time right now?

“The practice of building habits is the process of becoming yourself.” James Clear, Atomic Habits


I remember when I heard this phrase. Part of me stopped in acknowledgment and the other part of me, on autopilot, kept going, as if it didn’t quite hear or process what I had just seen and heard.

So I did something uncharacteristic of myself. I paused my audiobook, rewound it to this quote, and replayed it again. I replayed this quote over ten times, registering and absorbing the depth of this message.

The process of ‘becoming yourself’ is the most important conscious action you can take right now. 

Becoming yourself isn’t just about habits. It’s about how we master ourselves as we’re mastering our Time on Earth.

Time, that friendly force that’s always around us, exerting pressure while also distracting us from realizing its constancy, won’t always be that way throughout our lives. Some days we’ll feel like we...

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Do you know how to bend time?

It was 5 o'clock Friday rush-hour traffic in Austin. 75% of the roads were blocked and stagnant in non-movement, and I had an interesting dilemma in front of me.

I had promised my daughter that I'd pick up her friend in Round Rock and bring her to our home for a sleepover. I had also promised my bandmates that we'd have band practice at 6:00 pm. 


On a good day, you can get to Round Rock from South Austin in 45 minutes, but that would be more like 90 minutes on a regular Friday in Austin. Without any accidents.


It was 5 pm, and I was just leaving my house. Can you understand my conflict?


I closed my eyes and did the one thing I felt called to do. I commanded and asked the Time Lords for help. I asked them to help me bend time and make it to this location and back by 6:00 pm. Please.


That request, my intentions to allow the outcome to appear, and my single-minded focus opened a portal of light that aligned the traffic lights to be green, for...

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Cracking the Code of Vulnerability

When the Record Keepers assigned the topic of Embodiment to me, I thought it was going to be a series of simple channeled messages. Nothing is ever simple with the Record Keepers. I should have known better. 

They assign me topics because they know it brings a breakthrough.  That breakthrough often provides the critical step to self-evolution and understanding. Embodiment is that missing step/link between intention and manifesting. However, before you can embody anything, you first have to get really vulnerable with yourself to see what’s in the way. 

‘What’s in the way’ is another way of paraphrasing blocks, resistance or issues.  We all have them and we pile them up on top of us as a barrier or cover for vulnerability.

Vulnerability causes us to feel uncomfortable, naked and potentially open to injury or threat. It doesn’t always feel good to be vulnerable because we’re opening ourselves up to other people’s opinions or...

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Is it time to break up with guilt?

by anne marie pizarro Jun 22, 2021
Do you ever have moments when you struggle with guilt?'s a horrible feeling that causes you to feel like you're spiraling out of control.   The ultimate feeling of guilt is believing we are separated from Source, that somehow our actions have caused us to be unworthy, and we're not good enough to bask in the love of forgiveness.   It’s not hard for us to feel guilty when we do something wrong; however, it's important in these moments to remember how much reward there is in being connected with our true essence and alignment.   The emotion of guilt can come up at any time because the disconnection happens on a daily basis as we struggle between work versus personal life or trying to find balance within ourselves and those around us while also remaining steadfastly committed to achieving spiritual success.   The guilt that we feel is a natural energy and emotion. It causes us to feel separate from Source and our innocence like we're...
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Are you feeling the Retrograde yet? I've got 3 R's for you to help you navigate through the wonky waters!

by anne marie pizarro Jun 01, 2021

Do you DO this thing?!?
Let me share with you a pattern that I’ve noticed that keeps happening right before a Retrograde season starts in my life.  I sign up for something (a class, an event, a gathering) and I find myself unable to do it, follow through or commit fully.  This happens almost on a yearly basis.

I’ve accrued a number of projects that have been started but are incomplete. Does this sound familiar to you?  Do you suffer from a similar pattern?

Wait, now before you castigate yourself too bad, remember it’s not just you.

    It may be what’s happening in the planets that’s influencing the outcome. 

Hang tight friends - we’re in the start of a Retrograde season with big planetary shifts and changes underway.  This is an important time to step back and initiate the 3 R’s so you don’t get swept away by wild swings of emotions, communication mismatches or electrical and technology...

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