Oh dang…the feels got ya again?

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Welcome to your second blog of helpful integration tips post Total Solar Eclipse.

There are so many aspects of this eclipse that we’re going to be wading through and processing over the next two weeks onto 6 months. Things are going to come up and we’ll face it, ignore it or run screaming for the hills for an exorcism.

Today, I woke up and was in the massive field of feels. I felt like I could FEEL the emotions all the way to the tips of my hair.

I wish I could tell you this was a walk in the park, but I have seemingly done a super stellar job of stuffing down emotions throughout my life.

I’m a heady-kind of girl and staying neutral is so much easier than processing the feelings.

No one showed me how to do this; it was a survival mechanism to deal with stress and trauma growing up.

But now…I have no excuse.

Now that I’m older and a tad bit wiser, I’m realizing that emotions are energy that are either circulating with ease in our body or chomping around like an uncontrolled maelstrom.

And these unprocessed emotions get in the way of flow, ease and freedom within.

At this point, I want to have a tantrum and kick the “Eclipse” in the ass so that I can go back to ‘pretending’ that I don’t have to feel what is happening inside.

Except, my Higher Self won’t let me.

Our Higher Selves know that in order for us to evolve, do our soul’s work on Earth and serve at the highest level possible, we’ve got to face the emotions, lovingly attend to it and integrate it back into ourselves. (Integration Clue #1)

When no one teaches you how to process your emotions, you’re left with the job of raising yourself.

I realized that I had to raise inner ‘Anne’ the way that I raised my now 22-year-old daughter. When I look at my daughter, Kalaiah, I think she’s the most beautiful, loving, sweet, strong and powerful young woman.

From the moment I learned that I was pregnant with her, I told her as I put my hands on my belly that I accepted and loved her for who she was.

No one has ever done that for me, and that’s why my future self is shaking me awake. She's saying to me - do this for you.

Your future self is shaking you awake, too, because whoever you’re ‘waiting for’ is already in front of you. It’s you. It’s ALWAYS been you. (Integration Clue #2)

So this is your prime opportunity to put your hands on your heart and on your abdomen and replay back ALL the memories of not getting what you want.

Now take a moment, see it, feel it and simply say to yourself, “I receive you back. I assimilate what I didn’t get. Now…I’m going to give it to you.” (Integration Clue #3)

This is an exercise I just did this morning.

I made a list of 20 things that I didn’t get through-out my life. It was a bit hard, and I felt ALL the feels, but guess what?

I didn’t wait for anyone in the moment of NOW to give it to me. I gave it to myself.

So here’s what I ‘gave’ myself this morning:

  • my Cabbage Patch doll
  • sleepovers at friends’ houses
  • a chance to be a Girl Scout
  • participation in a young astronaut program
  • my dream telescope
  • a pair of Girbaud jeans
  • a weekly allowance
  • extended curfew past midnight
  • playdates out with friends
  • freedom to dance and be celebrated
  • acceptance for receiving a failing grade

Every part of me wanted to cry and have a huge meltdown as I read what I didn’t get. But instead of staying in the trenches, blaming others or wallowing in self-pity, I did the opposite. I gave little Anne whatever she asked for.

I can’t blame anyone for what could have or should have happened in the past. That doesn’t even exist any longer. What does exist is NOW and what we CHOOSE to give ourselves NOW is ALL that matters.

But that’s a big weedy thing to uncover because some of us are floating in self-worth issues, self-esteem blocks and challenges with receiving.

When was the last time you graciously accepted a compliment directed to you?

NO ONE can do this inner work for you, but you.

So let me tell you what you don’t hear enough:

  • You’re doing a good job managing you.
  • You’re ENOUGH, dammit.
  • You’re worth it and more.
  • Friend, you CAN have it.
  • You are deserving of Source’s infinite bounty.
  • You are so loved and accepted for who you are.

The question is: Do you believe it or do you know it?

If you believe it, there’s a tinge of doubt in the background waiting to trip you up when you least expect it, challenging your belief like a pair of jeans that’s too tight. No matter what you do, you just can’t stuff your ass into it and zip it up. It doesn’t fit.

But when you know it, you anchor something MUCH deeper inside which is trust and faith in yourself, your resilience and your capacity to choose you. If the pants don’t fit, pick a different pair of pants and move on.

What happens though when you don’t know what choice to make?

My suggestion today is to ASK.

You can join The Akashic Soul Clinic and ASK questions monthly which will provide you with a personalized audio recording from your Record Keepers.

This is something I’ve been offering to my clients and community since August 2023. It has been a hugely helpful service when you’ve got that burning question but you don’t need a full reading to uncover steps to take next.

I LOVE serving through the Akashic Soul Clinic. It tugs at my healthcare healer’s heart, and I deeply love and respect all the members of the Soul Clinic.

This month, I am opening up 5 more spots to receive new members of the Akashic Soul Clinic.

If you want greater support to integrate all the feels, wheels, and deals, consider joining the Akashic Soul Clinic for $47/month. This special membership gives you access to the Monthly Akashic Forecast, 2 questions you get answered via personal audio recording, and a bonus LIVE question call that I offer on the 15th of the month.

I’ve gotten such great feedback from members of the Soul Clinic like:

So there you go, friend. Don’t feel like you’ve got to navigate the emotional weeds with a rusty pair of clippers. Let’s shine and sharpen you for what’s coming and how to receive it. The more support you can have, the greater you’ll feel. The greater you feel, the more you can receive. The more you can receive, the more amazing your life becomes.

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