FREE VIDEO: Solar Eclipse Energy Clearing for you

astrology blog by anne marie pizarro energy work new moon solar eclipse Apr 08, 2024

The day is HERE for our magical Total Solar Eclipse/New Moon, Green Devil Comet, PLUS 7 Planetary Alignment.

I've got a very special gift for you. This was asked of me by The Record Keepers and my Soul Council

I'm sharing this video to help you close any psychic drains on the 3D and 4D level.

Then we're going to seal your 3D and 4D field from any psychic attacks, drains or leaks.

Finally, we're going to boost your 3D and 4D field so that your body, mind and spirit feel incredible, protected, confident, calm and happy.

Can you dig it?!?

If so, download this FREE video and watch it today either BEFORE or right AFTER the eclipse. can play this bad boy on a daily basis if you want to because IT WORKS!!

This video is my gift to you! It's free and there's NO STRINGS attached. Go watch it and boost yourself. You deserve this!

So happy eclipsing, friend! May you be abundantly blessed, supported and rocket fueled towards your heart's desires!

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