What does grief look like?

attitudes and perspectives blog by anne marie pizarro Feb 06, 2023
image of woman in grief

You know that phrase - When it rains, it pours? 

Whooo-boy, am I soaking wet right now. It's a bit of an emotional roller-coaster ride right now, but that's not where I'm going to leave you.

I want to take a moment to get real about grief.

Grief is something that we all share. We experience it when we are 'separated' from Source and arrive on this plane in our human vessel. We also feel it when we separate from our loved ones and all we know to go back to Source.

No one is immune to it, and everyone through different stages of their life will experience it more than once.

Grief can differ from disappointments that stack into micro-griefs, which can also become full-blown-body-wrecking losses. The spectrum is vast, and the timeline is intimately personal.

No one can say that you've grieved long enough or that you haven't grieved enough. Grief is an intimate and personal experience between you, your Higher Self, and those you influence and impact.

I'm experiencing the spectrum of grief right now.

I recently experienced a 5-day power outage in Austin, TX which resulted in no heat andicy branches breaking around me like a cacophonous symphony of destruction backed by the light show of exploding transistors. Pink Floyd would have loved it, and I did initially until I was fully over it by day 3.

I grieved the trees that were breaking left and right around me from the weight of the ice. I grieved having to cancel on clients because I didn't even have enough phone battery to do a session, and I didn't have internet access at home. I grieved because I knew there were other people, more debilitated, elderly, and medically dependent, that may be even more challenged than I with the loss.

Grief can have many faces and can show up in many difficult ways.

When Henri, my cat of 12 years, disappeared on Thursday, January 26, 2023, I faced the impact of three years of micro-grieving. It broke my heart to a million pieces, and I prayed for his return for days and days. But, unfortunately, he hasn't returned, and the grieving still continues.

Henri's loss made me turn to my work. I am very grateful for this work I get to do with Spirit and the Akashic Records because I was shown the vision of Henri doing very important work, including building a 'bridge.'

That bridge became the entrance portal for my aunt, who became quite ill on January 29 and got intubated and placed in the ICU. She's still there now, and my family is going through one of their most painful and profound grieving experience since my grandparents.

To write this breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes, but I can't hide behind grief because it wants you to feel it. And when you resist grief…it only becomes more painful and unbearable. So I do the only thing I know how to do when it shows up.

I allow it.

These spectrums of grief feel so hard, and I strive to maintain such a strong mental fortitude. Yet, when your body is racked with feelings of pain….it's better to feel it than hold it in and suffer with the loss.

And here's why. Grief is like a wave. After all, what you cry comes from eons and eons of water circulating all over the Earth. Your grief is compounded by civilizations before you who have grieved and lost.

So grief ties us to a very vulnerable and basic level of existence. And this is why it's a gift because grief and love are the opposite sides of the same coin.

I was given a vision the day I saw my aunt in the ICU. I could see my grandparents, great-grandparents, her husband, and so many friends welcoming her with open arms. There was a celebration and a sense of joyfulness. I could see her young, smiling, and full of vitality.

This vision was her soul expressing some level of completion and return to me. That created a ripple of happiness that pulled me to the other side of grief: gratitude. Gratitude came from witnessing something so profound and eternal: the soul's journey.

Our soul's journey is a woven tapestry of experience, hardships, triumph, and more. We travel through the multi-verse in forms and light, returning to Source like a wave that ebbs back and forth.

My grandmother had this saying: "Ayaw kaguol. Wala ka mianhi aron magtanom ug gamot"

It means, "Don't be sad. You didn't come here to plant roots."

That's where I want to leave you today - not in sadness or worry but in appreciation for the beautiful gift of life and connection.

It can be a challenging ride. This thing called life. It hurts sometimes….really bad.

Yet, we keep going because we know that our soul's journey doesn't end here. This incarnation is for NOW, and what we choose to do with our time here matters.

I know way too many people right now that are going through the spectrum and stages of grief. It's a Universal energy that is still stemming from COVID and the lockdown as well as before.

You may wonder why I write something so personal and vulnerable when I'm a very private person. When many people grieve, they hide from the world because it's so painful. But that's not what I'm being asked to do right now.

I'm being asked to show up to normalize grief and to decrease the shame of processing loss. We can't glaze over the work. Love and grief are our BIGGEST work on Earth.

I share this with you because I want you to know I see you. I hear you. I feel you. When we work together, It's ALL there, and that's why I'm a fierce supporter and advocate for you, especially in the Akashic Records.

My final words for you, friend, is to remember to allow the spectrum of grief and love to show you your humanity, your capacity to feel, and your ability to heal.

Most of all, don't wait. Don't wait to live your life. Don't wait for permission to be granted before you embrace your path, purpose, and power. Don't wait to feel success and prosperity. Don't wait to feel love. Don't wait to heal.

You can give yourself this permission to be you 100% because this is what you came to do. So let the waves roll and let yourself feel it because love and appreciation are the other sides of pain and loss. That's where balance finds you and leads you toward healing.

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