Clearing Blocks Tied to Imposter Syndrome

blog by anne marie pizarro imposter syndrome true authenticity Sep 27, 2022
Clearing Blocks tied to Imposter syndrome, man in fake glasses and mustache

Have you been hiding behind this curtain called Imposter Syndrome?


One of the most repeated questions I get asked as a practitioner and Akashic Records Reader is how do I let go of Imposter Syndrome?

According to the Harvard Business Review, Imposter Syndrome is a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success. 'Imposters' suffer from chronic self-doubt and a sense of intellectual fraudulence that overrides any feelings of success or external proof of their competence.

In my observation, Imposter Syndrome is tied to multiple factors:

  • karmic contracts are tied to communication and expressing feelings, words, and intentions
  • courage to appear in your unique energetic form
  • comparison to how others do it
  • worry that you'll be called out for being a fake
  • lack of consistent results that cause you to doubt whether you're on the right track

Everyone, at some point in life, suffers from niggling doubt that threatens confidence and self-esteem. Imposter syndrome is real, and there's a reason why it exists.  

In many communities, I'm a part of, imposter syndrome causes people to hold back from sharing their ideas, launching their business, or hiding behind others. 

In my own observation of students who've successfully gone through Become an Akashic Records Guide, Imposter Syndrome keeps them from starting their practice.

This year… it's different.

One of the major downloads and requests I received from the RKs (Record Keepers) was to offer a mini-training to help people disconnect from Imposter Syndrome so they could anchor in authentic presence and voice.  

You are not meant to sound like me. You're not meant to sound or deliver like Paul Selig, Esther Hicks, Kryon, or any other channels. Instead, you have your own unique voice, energy, and message.

But what happens when you're afraid to be seen fully? 

What happens when you get choked up around delivering messages from the Higher Realms? 

What happens when you're worried about what others think about you?

You build up a wall around you for protection. You begin to hold back from sharing your messages. You start to doubt whether or not you're really connected. And this wall blocks you so that you continue to hide behind the Imposter Syndrome sickness.

IT IS a sickness because you're looking for validation, acceptance, and acknowledgment.

What if I were to tell you that all those things are waiting for you to give yourself?

What if I told you it was easier to share that hold back?

What if I told you that you're meant to be a conduit of light and Spirit speaking truth to you?

Would you believe me? I hope so. Really…the most important question I pose is…would you believe yourself?

If so, consider this an invitation to break free of Imposter Syndrome and step into your true voice, confidence, and power.

This is a requirement if you're going to operate as a conduit of light, a messenger of Spirit, and a channel/reader/guide. 

This is why the RKs asked me to create this mini-training. In a way, this mini-training is three-fold in nature:

  1. It's the beginning initiation for all students coming into BARG to prepare to access their authentic voice and presence (this wasn't available in previous courses)
  2. It's an invitation to help you let go of Imposter Syndrome blocks and begin to own your voice and power.
  3. It's an invitation to step aside and conquer any of those remaining Imposter Syndrome blocks within me.

As I said, we all have it from time to time. But as you continue to step up, show up, and speak up for yourself…the Imposter Syndrome fades away like an old coat that no longer fits you. 

It's time to detonate this kind of block because you're invited to step 100% fully and authentically in your life. That means…live it as you would for yourself, not anyone else because this is about full acceptance, love, and grace.

Over the next three weeks, I'll speak more about Authentic Truths and Presence. Truly…this is an important step to Architecting Your Dream Life.  

You can't create your dream life if you're operating as an imposter in your present moment. It's impossible. It cancels itself out.

Why you might ask…

Because you can't fake how you're going to live, breathe, feel and experience Spirit if it's not 100% tied to your truth. 

Imposter syndrome has followed you from previous lifetimes, especially if you've ever experienced:

  • persecution
  • shame
  • judgment
  • control
  • fear
  • doubt
  • lack of confidence

So are you ready to break free of the bondage of the past? Are you ready to step into your true, authentic voice?  

Then join me for a FREE 3-part mini-training to Clear Blocks Tied to Imposter Syndrome. This is a training you won't want to miss because it's loaded with value, meditations, channeling, and BTS (behind-the-scenes look). 

Join me for this live class on October 11, 12, and 13, 2022. Register here to save your spot.




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