Clear Blocks Tied to Imposter Syndrome


✨ Permit your True, Authentic Voice to Appear: ✨

💮 Identify the triggers of Imposter Syndrome and learn how to get ahead of them

💮 Release karmic patterns around visibility and being fully seen

💮 Increase your confidence around using your voice and sharing your message

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Does Imposter Syndrome STOP you in your tracks?

If so, then this training is for YOU.  Imposter syndrome plagues us all, yet you don't have to be blocked by it any longer.

Imposter syndrome is one of the BIGGEST blocks that stops spiritual wellness practitioners from showing up fully for themselves and their Assigned Group. 

 Imposter syndrome can affect your business, language and mindset around what you can receive and how you're seen. It's time to stop struggling.

This training is so important because it will help you uncover what stands in the way of using your true authentic voice so you can be heard clearly and recognized for your unique contributions. 

Some people don't even KNOW what their true authentic voice is because they're hiding under comparison.  

Are you ready to stop hiding and be seen in your full authentic power?

What you'll get in this mini-training:


Benefit #1

Morning Teachings that cover Imposter Syndrome and the roots and patterns tied to it.


Benefit #2

Meditations and techniques that help you to release these blocks using the Akashic Records 


Benefit #3

Exercises to help you activate your Authentic Self’s voice by clearing karmic contracts


Benefit #4

Learn how to stay out of the Imposter Syndrome trap and embrace your power


What happens during the challenge?

The challenge starts Tuesday, October 11, 2022 in the Akashic Collective Facebook Group.

This is a two-part 3-day mini-training:

  • In the morning (9 AM CST), we'll share the Teaching of the Day via the Facebook Group. These special teachings cover how to clear blocks tied to Imposter Syndrome. 
  • In the afternoon (4 PM ST), we'll offer the channeling, meditation and BTS (behind-the-scenes) of our special program. 

Each day, you’ll receive an email that covers what the training is about and how to attend the training. Each day, you'll be prompted to engage in our community and answer questions about the training. Each time you answer, you'll be added to our special giveaway where we'll be offering prizes and scholarships at the end of the week. 

Participation is easy and life-changing! You may find yourself feeling more empowered to speak out and share your ideas, thoughts and words more effectively and confidently.

Did I mention that it’s FREE to join this 3-part mini-training?

From October 11-13, 2022, clear those Imposter Syndrome blocks!

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