What's the point?

attitudes and perspectives blog by anne marie pizarro masterclass Jan 17, 2024

Have you ever had a moment when you just hit a wall in your life and asked yourself, "What's the point?"

This happens to almost everyone when they hit that wall, feel overwhelmed, and don't have a clear sense of direction.

This sense of pointlessness often happens when cataclysmic trauma and loss occur or when you've hit burnout and fatigue and you have no more juice to give.

What's the point is a question meant to help you turn things around.

This question will elicit two types of responses.

The first response is to stop and ponder the point of the journey for you, what your why is, and why it matters. If you're asking this, you know deep inside that your point is your driver for everything you do. That's why your answer is so personal and special for you because everyone has a different point of view.

The second response is to bury your head in the sand, pretend that it's not important, and just keep going until you make it. But you're not even sure where you're headed, why, or whether you have enough steam to get you to the finish line. So what ends up happening is you just feel exhausted and unfocused and keep repeating challenging lessons.

Now, if I were to ask you - "What's the point?"

You might respond, "Point of what?"

That's when I would say: "What's the point of living? What's the point of doing? What's the point of trying and making an impact? What's the point of being you?"

You might not know what the answer is.

If you don't know what the point of being you is, we need to talk.

I bring up this question because it's deeply important to our psyche and mental health.

If we have a point for what we're doing, we feel connected to our soul's purpose, direction, and contribution and confident of what actions to take.

It matters to reconnect to your point and purpose because you don't have much time to waste and mess around.

That is why this month is about connecting to your inner compass.

But if you're not sure how, keep on reading.

In the middle of 2023, I found myself spiraling out. I had lost sight of my big vision and felt like I was going through the motions. I was busier than ever in my business, and my coaching practice was taking off. But I didn't feel super connected to my passions and interests, so I decided to take some time off, travel, and drop into silence and stillness. It wasn't easy initially because my mind wanted to stay busy and productive, but my body hit a wall. I just ran out of energy and juice.

That summer, Jon and I found ourselves traveling to Arkansas.

It was our third day there, and I was sitting in the forest. Jon and I had just finished crystal digging, and we were chilling in the Air BnB treehouse I had rented. At that moment, I was mesmerized by how everything just felt right. It only seemed appropriate to ask myself' What's the point?"

I ended up making a list of my life's pros and cons, and I found that I had way more pros than cons going for me.

This visual list helped me to see my journey and re-invigorated me to the big picture, and I began to remember my soul's promise around service, play, and creativity.

I wasn't asking myself this question, but I needed to so that I could reconnect to my purpose and my why.

Remembering my purpose and my why lit the fire under me.

I felt a sense of inspiration and excitement. I couldn't wait to create.

But why? What's the point?

When I asked this question again, I hit another wall.

What's the point of creating?

When I checked in on the answer, I was floored.

My Record Keepers and Spirit Guides showed me why creating was an extension of Spirit, having a spiritual human experience around expression. If I didn't allow that creative expression, I was muting and holding back inspiration from Source.

Creating for the sake of creating gave me joy, but knowing WHO to share that creation with gave me direction, purpose, and courage.

It streamlined what I created so that I didn't waste time creating things that weren't necessary or distracting. It gave me a clear path ahead and settled the lost feeling in my body and mind.

Now let's go back to that question - What's the point?

When I started asking myself this question, I began to feel triggered.

When I asked my clients, "What's the point?" they stepped back and examined themselves in deep, vulnerable ways. Pivots began to happen. Clarity followed. People took decisive actions, and they prospered from their leaps of faith.

This question is a game changer because our point will change from time to time. What's important is that we keep a pulse on it so we can flex and shift with the changes that need to happen.

Sometimes, our personal driver will require a big effort; other times, it will only take moments of attention, mindset, and presence.

However, addressing our point is an important process of being human. We get to shift and flex with the world rather than staying stagnant and stuck in the details.

Now, if you're in a moment where you're asking 'What's the point?"

You may need support, someone to talk to, or a brainstorming session.

Identifying the point realigns your inner compass, giving you a sense of direction and vision.

But if you're in a time where you need clarification and help on what that direction is, then I invite you to join me next week for the Big Vision Masterclass.

The Big Vision Masterclass is intentionally crafted to answer your question: "What's the point?"

In attending this Masterclass, you'll tap into your WHY, which will fuel your WHAT and clarify your POINT.

In this Masterclass, you'll discover how to stay on track with your Big Vision, what intentions you'll need to create for a transformative outcome, and how to trust and release all doubt to Spirit to align you with what you desire to experience.

We'll even start with a powerful Akashic Records meditation to draw out your big vision year.

What's the point of this Masterclass?

It's to help you lock into who you are, your Big Vision, and your personal driver so you're on point with your point all year long.

When you have moments of worry, stress, or anxiety, this Big Vision Masterclass will remind you of your soul's agreement and help you focus on relaxing instead of worrying.

When you need help with what to do, you can refer to your Big Vision Checklist and stay accountable to yourself.

When you're unsure where to turn, you can remember that you're okay at the moment and keep your eyes on your Big Vision Checklist.

When you feel like you've run out of steam and are touching upon burnout, the Big Vision Masterclass will add extra fuel and battery life to your internal tank so you can keep going.

The Big Vision Masterclass will help you accomplish this and more so that you have a ready answer to this question: What's the point?

The point is to live, love, laugh, create, and make the most of our time on Earth.

The other point is to help others so that we can all collectively make it together on this planet.

So join me next Tuesday, January 23, for the Big Vision Masterclass. It's free. It's powerful. And It'll definitely get you back on track.

Register for the Big Vision Masterclass here


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