The sacred connection between Time and the Ancestral Line

Recently, the Record Keepers called me to take a deep meditative journey with them and the Time Lords. It happened recently on a Saturday night where I had a rare evening alone to myself. I could sense their urgency as if they had something important to deliver.


I followed through on their request for council and prepared my space. First, I brought out music instruments, watercolor paper, markers, paints, and pencils. Then, I quieted my mind and set out in silence, waiting to hear their message.

The first image appeared as a symbol of the Divine form. This form always appears the same, with three circles in descending order, each larger than before. This is the way the Divine has appeared to me for years. It is faceless, genderless, and neutral. It takes the form of the Watcher and the Observer.


The second image appeared in the form of the Mobius loop or the infinity symbol. This Mobius loop is a sacred geometrical symbol that represents the repetition of patterns and intentions upon creation. This was the Divine's initiation of a program that has not stopped since its inception. It's the program of Time, expansion, and contraction.  


The third symbol began the sequence of replication. The Divine began its program by splitting one circle into two, three, four, and so on. Within this natural order birthed the Metatron's cube, which holds all the building blocks of matter.  


Within the first circles came the appearance of the Time Lords, non-physical beings that represented the force of movement and motion. The Time-Lords observed as the continual replication of the circles created the intricate lattice of the Flower of Life.

It was here that Record Keepers showed the connection of the Time Lords and the Ancestral Bridge to me.


Since the creation of the multi-verse, Time has always been a factor that has stitched dimensions together. It allows the continuum of Time and space to touch in multiple ways and points. Thus, Beings from Higher Realms and dimensions can intersect with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th-dimensional planes. 

When life evolved into being, the Time Lords witnessed the start of family lineages. Humankind evolved from nomadic hunters and gatherers to agricultural communities that harkened the dawn of civilization. The continued passage of knowledge, learning, and curiosity helped humankind evolve into the state they're in now.


So how does Time connect with the Ancestral Bridge?


Human beings on Earth right now exist as an Ancestral Bridge. They are the ones that are caught between the past and the future. People hold their ancestors' hopes, dreams, wishes, and wants while also holding the pure potential and possibilities for the future lineage.


This is a sacred place and position to hold, and we don't have the luxury of Time to not pay attention to what we can affect while we're here.


In this special month of August, I'll be discussing the purpose and power of being Ancestral Bridges. This is a very important topic because we are crystallizing our purpose on Earth to serve, heal and transform. We are here to bring our Ancestors' dreams to light while giving ourselves the permission to live and choose because they may not have had that right.


Do you know how lucky you are?


You are indeed so lucky, friend, to be alive right now during a time where consciousness is pitting up against the paradigms of the past. 


You are in a pivotal time to be a source of light and awareness for your family because you agreed to play that role to elevate yourself and your line.


What does that mean for you?


It may mean that you have to face the yucky inner stuff like judgment, criticism, blame, shame, racism, sexism, and all those isms that divide and disconnect. You may have to do your own inner work of acceptance, self-love, and permission to show up fully for yourself in the present. You may have to let go of old habits that keep renewing a challenge for the lineage. You may have to face the dark to bring in the light.


All of that takes courage, and you don't have to do it all at once.  


You can work with the element of Time and the Time Lords to make micro-adjustments that allow a greater sense of presence, attention, and permission. You can connect to your Ancestors and apply the sacred gift of Ho'oponopono to release them from suffering. You can take it one day at a time to reach a greater sense of wholeness and peace within.


It just takes the desire to contribute and start somewhere. After all, what you do for your lineage matters.  


So take a little time today and ask yourself: "How can I positively support my Ancestors and the Future Generation?"


Just asking that one question already initiates the answer…

The Time Bending Masterclass was a WOW! I had no idea that the Record Keepers were going to present such high-vibrational information!  I'm so excited to bend, expand, elongate and slow down the time clock of aging!!

If you missed the Time-Bending class and would like to catch it, click on this link.

 If you're ready for the next set of channeled messages to come through from the Akashic Records and the Time Lords on how to Master Time, then click on this link. 
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