Is it time for a recalibration?

akashic records blog by anne marie pizarro recalibration Aug 15, 2022

How do you know it's time for a recalibration?

I recently found out about a client and her mother who were involved in an accident that resulted in one of them passing away. I felt a deep sadness and shock at how much it affected me. It jarred me to my core and spun me out into an existential crisis.  

Life is precious, and we never know how one moment can change everything.

It put the big picture into perspective. It made me realize that what we attend to is important and how we spend our time - whether with ourselves or others also matters. All the stuff that eats at our minds and causes us to spend our time in worry eventually fades away. 

I know it may sound morbid, but it makes the work in the Akashic Records so helpful when you understand the bigger picture and why we return to Earth. Perhaps that’s why it’s so important to discuss recalibration.

Recalibration is giving yourself the opportunity to:

  • check-in and reprioritize what’s important
  • pause and listen to what your body needs from you
  • step out of the list of tasks to be spontaneous
  • honor your natural rhythm, cycle, and flow
  • tune into your joy, purpose, and vitality

The RKs asked me to deliver the Akashic Records Message of the Week to RECALIBRATE.

This is their antidote to the existential crisis that I spun out into.

They said, ”Let the micro-grief happen for those who have lost. A light has gone out in the world. However, it would help if you paused for a moment and then continue to trod forward, for that is the meaning of healing, allowing, and presence in the moment. Be willing to recalibrate and allow your natural evolution to occur.”



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