Overstanding Liberates You

I hope you’re doing well and feeling blessed. This is an important question I’d like to ask you: 

Are you playing the main character in your life? 

Do you overstand your position?

I’m asking because The Universe is always trying to send you signs so that you can be the one of TOP.  It’s letting you know that YOU are the main character in your story.

What happens when The Universe sends you these signs but you miss them?

It can create conflict, stress and a feeling of struggle.

Aren’t you ready to break free of that?

In this live video, I’m going to explain WHAT action will liberate you so that you can step into your full power and release yourself from the conflicts that prevent you from flipping that script.

It’s time to rewrite the rules, friend!

Click here to watch now. I appreciate you so much!


P.S. Enrollment to Master the Akashic Records opens on Monday (June 6, 2022) for just a few days only.

Mark your calendar and THEN watch today’s video and learn the counter-intuitive way I’ve become the HEROINE in my own life.



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