It's not too late to manifest a miracle...

become an akashic records guide blog by anne marie pizarro gratitude miracle Oct 14, 2022
Manifest a miracle using gratitude

It's not too late to manifest a miracle if you're looking for it every day.

That's how I felt when we recently wrapped up our most recent mini-training to Clear Blocks to Imposter Syndrome. It was a great success and a huge miracle for our community in The Akashic Collective. 

It was such a needed experience as we all occasionally face Imposter Syndrome, feeling not good enough or even worthy at times.

Good thing we had the Akashic Records, Record Keepers and Archangel Metatron helping to clear any blocks, patterns or lifetimes in the way where we didn't stand in our own true authenticity.

Did you miss the mini-training and would like to catch it? Here's the link to the replay.

As I's not too late to manifest a miracle in your life.  I am seriously witnessing these miracles every single day. I write something down in my journal and it arrives by the end of the day.

The RKs say it's because:

  • I'm doing the work to stay clear and open
  • I've done some major clearing tied to worth and what I can receive
  • I've been open to receiving guidance from Source rather than forcing ANYTHING to happen
  • I keep expecting miracles to happen

Miracles are a lot like GRATITUDE:

  • G: Genuine

  • R: Reflection

  • A: Aligning

  • T: Tiny

  • I: Incidents

  • T: That

  • U: Underlie

  • D: Divine

  • E: Expression

When you behave as if Miracles are part of your daily life, then they become an aspect of your daily life.

Miracles don't have to be HUGE or momentous. They could be as simple as acknowledging your delicious cup of coffee, feeling the energy of the sun on your face or laughing with a friend over a silly topic.  

Miracles can also be acknowledging loss and pain from grief. To know that you can feel so strongly is to know that you lived and loved as well.

One of the GREAT MIRACLES I am experiencing right now is witnessing the arrival of amazing and very talented students coming into Become an Akashic Records Guide (BARG).

BARG is one of the most powerful and sacred experiences I share with the world. It attunes you to be a miracle manifestos and generator. It helps you to acknowledge your gifts and wisdom. It trains you to serve the world in your highest and best light.

BARG is still OPEN for its Fall Program.  We close registration on Tuesday, October 19, 2022.

If you feel the pull, call or curiosity to experience BARG, please give it a try.  There may be a miracle waiting for you when you go through the program.

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