Is it time to break up with guilt?

by anne marie pizarro Jun 22, 2021
Do you ever have moments when you struggle with guilt?'s a horrible feeling that causes you to feel like you're spiraling out of control.   The ultimate feeling of guilt is believing we are separated from Source, that somehow our actions have caused us to be unworthy, and we're not good enough to bask in the love of forgiveness.   It’s not hard for us to feel guilty when we do something wrong; however, it's important in these moments to remember how much reward there is in being connected with our true essence and alignment.   The emotion of guilt can come up at any time because the disconnection happens on a daily basis as we struggle between work versus personal life or trying to find balance within ourselves and those around us while also remaining steadfastly committed to achieving spiritual success.   The guilt that we feel is a natural energy and emotion. It causes us to feel separate from Source and our innocence like we're doing something wrong when in reality, it's just coming up because of our disconnection with ourselves.   Guilt is a heavy and unrelenting energy that has been plaguing humanity for centuries. This old-fashioned vibration disconnects us from our true Divine nature, so it's time to clear those patterns in your human energy field!  

Guilt was an energy that I grew up with.

  I was guilted into doing good in school, behaving, and following the rules. When I deviated from that structure, I was guilted into feeling bad about myself and causing some kind of shame in my family. My Mom would say, "I have a rep to protect" which was a way of saying that my actions reflected poorly on her. What a heavy burden to bear as a child.   Now it didn’t help that I grew up Catholic. That constant barrage and pressure of guilt were oppressive and suffocating. Somehow, I just felt like God wasn’t this Being above constantly judging us and keeping some kind of log when we messed up. After all, my parents and Santa Clause already had access to that log!   It wasn’t until I was in my late 20’s, undergoing a huge spiritual awakening that I realized…I just don’t have time to dwell in guilt. It was too draining, tiring, and defeating to constantly feel like I was doing something wrong. I didn’t want to dwell in constant judgment and I was a young mother, working as a nurse in the hospital and just trying to keep it all together.   I already felt guilty when I would raise my voice and be a parent. I also felt guilty when I compared myself to others around me. At some point in time, I knew I had to break up with guilt.   If I had listened to the conditioned guilt that I was raised in, I wouldn’t have ever started my own business, learned alternative healing and channeling modalities, or retired from a job that was deemed stable by my family.   If I had listened to the energy of guilt, I wouldn’t have traveled and explored the world to remember and learn more about myself.   If I had listened to guilt, I would have succumbed to fear, self-criticism and judgment.   It was in taking care of really sick people and assisting them in the dying process that I knew…I didn’t have time to waste on guilt.  

That's when I officially broke up with guilt.

  The main reason why I didn’t have time to waste on guilt is that it keeps us locked on the 3D plane and doesn’t let us evolve into our higher abilities and gifts. It's like an abusive relationship with the self and I wasn't about to participate in that any longer.   It’s innocence, compassion, and self-love that elevates us to align with Spirit in 5D. In this realm, guilt doesn’t exist because you don’t incur the karmic outcomes or make the decisions that cause this feeling of insecurity, doubt, guilt, and distrust to root in place.   Operating in 5D aligns you to your most evolved and benevolent outcomes. However, the work happens HERE in the 3D plane.   You have to practice existing ABOVE the guilt so that you can reinforce your role in your life. You're the one in charge. You get to choose how you want to feel and experience life.   Do you want to go through this plane feeling bad all the time?!?   I’m striving to maintain a healthy relationship with guilt. It’s not always easy because it requires retraining your brain to have a different response. Here are some of my tactics:  
  1. Reinforce what I’m getting done ‘right’ and when it happens at the moment
  2. Reinforce that I made the ‘right choice at the right time, at the right place’
  3. Reinforce that other people’s ideas or opinions of me aren’t mine, and I shouldn’t try to see myself through their lens.
  4. Reinforce that I’m loved, protected, and supported by The Universe
  5. Reinforce using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to tap out any guilt or shame when it appears so it doesn't sink into the deeper layers and come back out later

I’m actually appreciative of guilt as a teacher because I still feel it today.

  I feel guilty when I hurt someone’s feelings. I feel guilty when I accidentally step on a snail and crush it. I feel guilty when I don’t get back in time to people, including emails or phone calls.   The way I deal with that guilt is to remind myself that I only have so much energy, attention, and time to handle what’s in front of me. If I can’t take it on, I just have to acknowledge that so I’m kind and loving to myself instead of feeling guilty because I was trying to make others happy.   It’s good to be aware of how guilt can insidiously creep up on you because it’s a pattern we’re here to clear, change and heal. When you release this guilt, you come home to your true, Divine nature of self-acceptance, allowance, and alignment with Source.   So how you do manage? How you do work with guilt in your life? 

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