How to Release The Feelings of Threat and Feel Supported

Energy Connection Tip of the Day:  Releasing the feeling of threat of “what may happen” can easily and gracefully occur when you trust that you are being supported by your Masters, Teachers, Loved Ones, Angels & The Most High.  YOU are never alone!

Threat is an emotion that occurs when you feel like something is going to be taken away from you or someone may do harm unto you.

Releasing threat and integrating support is part of trusting that you are ok in everything you do.

“Suppressed threat limits the ability to feel safe and trusting in the world.” – Steven Thayer, Founder of IET

Our world is undergoing a climactic change in its governmental, financial, political and environmental structure.  It is no wonder that anyone who is aware and awake feels the threat of what will happen to us in the future.  Fear not, though, in releasing threat, you step into your power and trust.

What are 3 ways to Release Threat and Feel Safe & Supported?

1.  Find a friend whom you trust that you can share your concerns about  

If you are unable to share what is threatening to you, then you are alone in your fears.  That can be daunting enough.  Connect with your social family for support and guidance.

2.  Heartlink to The Most High and the Angels and ask them for assistance

Heartlinking occurs when you send a beam of light from your heart to the Creator and have it come back to you.  In this energetic connection, you can ask for safety, protection, love and strength to have your fears be dispelled.  You can also use IET to assist you in releasing threat and feel supported.

3.  Energetically grid your home that you may be able to keep any negative vibrations away

Grid your home with crystals such as black tourmaline and quartz to create a field of protection, thereby keeping you energetically safe from that which you program it to hold back.  Once you activate the merkaba, you are further protected.

Much Love & Blessings!


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