How to Integrate the Best & Worst Parts of Yourself This Year

Integration? What are you talking about?

article-hair-essentialsI don’t know about you, but there have been some moments throughout this year where I found myself asking, “Is this for real? Are you sure I’m not watching some kind of messed up reality show?”

Yes…2016 has been quite a year; one that for sure will go down in the memory books for all its ups, downs and unexpected outcomes.  Transitions and changes were key themes as we were faced with our mortality and questions like “What am I really doing?”  along with “How much longer can I wait to change?”

Many of us moved through the motions of everyday life while others moved mountains to make miracles happen.  Some of us shifted our perspectives and eased into a placed of relaxation and trust.  Others felt the pressure mounting as they faced their walls of resistance and made their leaps of faith.

Each of us have been triggered by forces beyond our control, initiating our reactionary systems to reach different stages of equilibrium and homeostasis. As dense, 3-dimensional beings, we’re so sensitive to changes in pressure, pH, sounds, vibration and stimuli.

It’s no wonder so many people are stressed, exhausted and over-drawn with obligations and responsibilities that don’t have an end. It doesn’t help either when we enter into phases of Mercury in Retrograde where communication and plans go a bit hay-wired.

That is why integration, self-reflection and stabilization is KEY and CRITICAL to allowing this year to wrap up as gracefully and easily as possible. defines integration as “an act or instance of combining into an integral whole.”

What does an integral whole mean and are you operating in this way?

The integral whole is greater than the sum of its parts. All your sums are being extended out into the world to operate and reflect your biographical and biological identity, dreams, plans and expectations.  When you are operating as an integral whole, then your sums add up to a complete and balanced formula.

When you aren’t operating as an integral whole, you find yourself feeling drained and imbalanced in areas of your life.  Your relationships, finances, health and career all reflect whether you are in balance within.

So how exactly are your operating right now?
•    If you find you feel heavy, have difficulty losing weight or eating things that you might regret, then you are most likely experiencing blocks in the physical layer of your human energy field.
•    If you find that you are emotionally stressed and your reactionary fuse is short, then you are over-extended and are experiencing blocks in the emotional layer of your energy field.
•    If you find that your thinking is scattered, unclear or un-focused, then you may be over-processing too much stuff in your mental layer of your energy field.
•    If you find that you are feeling fatigued, apathetic or disconnected from people around you, then you may be experiencing leaks or holes in the spiritual layer of your energy field.

Please…do yourself a favor.  You have to STOP and assess how you’re doing every once in a while and look at how you’re operating.  You’re own REALITY CHECK has to trigger your reactions from either going too far or being suppressed.

If you find that you are operating in any of those above ways, then integration is a way to draw your energy, feelings, thoughts and awareness back into your body. Integration brings you to a grounded and centered state.  It’s a feeling of coming home within yourself so that you can see the world with fresh, clear eyes.

And you will definitely need it because 2017 promises to hold great things! Prepare yourself wisely and you can manifest with more focus, ease and clarity.

Why do you even need to integrate at all?

Integration is a process of clearing stagnant energy, releasing it through the energy field and allowing a positive counter-vibration to imprint into the body’s cellular matrix.  This can occur in a matter of minutes to days to weeks, depending on the level of transition and changes that one experiences.

For example, a deep, painful trauma such as the loss of a loved one, divorce or abuse may take years to process, integrate and reach a place of acceptance and resolve.  Whereas, a fight or accident may take a matter of minutes, hours to days to assess, re-calibrate and respond.

Integration is important because we live in a fast-paced society that often doesn’t give time for reflection or re-evaluation. Our lives are filled with errands, tasks and contacts.  Media, in all forms, assault our senses and fill our thoughts with ideas other than our own.

When do you have time to be still and look inside?  When do you make time to take care of yourself.

A-ha!  So THAT is the key.  You actually HAVE to MAKE TIME to reach a place of clarity and awareness. That is why these last few weeks of December are important.  The holidays and social commitments can gobble up your precious time, making meditation, and spiritual connection a secondary after-thought.

Before you know it, the new year faces you along with the idealistic opportunity to create resolutions that may or may not stick.  Once again, you begin the cycle anew of starting something great only to find your interest and energy fading once the sparkle of the promise has faded and dulled.

Not this time. You can actually make it different…and this is how.

How do you integrate the best and worst parts of yourself this year?

In order to integrate the best and worst parts of your year, you will have to take some time to reflect and release in order to create space for something greater to come in.  Working through a simple process, such as the one I’ve outlined, can help you reach a place of peace and self-assuredness.  Through self-reflection, releasing and integration, you can empower yourself and be in charge of what comes next.

Here are some great suggestions for taking some self-reflection time:
1.    Take some paper and write down 2 categories:  ‘Wins & Losses.’  Write your list of what you accomplished this year and what you had to let go of.
2.    Go for a walk and think about your year, beginning in January 2016, and all the different activities that you experienced.  Don’t look at your phone or get distracted.  Let your memory lane walk reflect how much you’ve grown, what you’ve learned as well as what you’ve lost.
3.    Write a letter to yourself, reflecting your thoughts on your accomplishments, breakthroughs, celebrations, failures, losses, heartbreaks and lessons.  Really be raw and honest.
4.    Look at your vision-board or goals and check off what you’ve accomplished as well as where you fell short.  List the activities that allowed you to reach completion as well as the distractions that caused you to not give certain goals enough attention.
5.    Take some time for meditation and silence, reflecting on events of each month until you reach the present.  Have a journal to jot down notes and ideas as it appears through your introspective journey.

As you activate the energy of self-reflection, the physical layer of your body and energy field begin to move and percolate.  This occurs because you are consciously drawing in your ideas, efforts and cords to all your extended soul parts and calling it back home.  This triggers the next step of your integration journey as you enter into releasing.

Here are some great ideas for releasing the pent-up energy, thoughts and feelings that arise:
1.    Take a bath with Epsom salt, lavender, eucalyptus and frankincense.  This opens up your physical and emotional layer and releases thoughts and emotions into the water.  Allow yourself to see the images and memories wanting to be removed.
2.    Go through a cutting-cords process that allows you to ‘cut’ the connections you have to past as well as present relationships that may not be for your highest good.  Cutting cords also allows you to retract your energy cords that you placed on others, causing you to draw your vital life force back as well.
3.    Get a massage or energy work.  The support that you may need to release the stuff that comes up is an important self-care gift.  Reiki and massage can help remove stagnant, blocked energies from your cells, muscles and tissue.
4.    Get your body moving through activities such as cardio exercises, yoga, dance or play.  When you move your body during times of self-reflection, you are shedding excess baggage intentionally.
5.    Clear your space with sage, sound and water.  If you’re feeling stuck and wound-up, your environment may reflect this stagnation. Open up a window and use sage to clear any negative vibrations, while using sound to ‘wake-up’ stagnant or stuck energy.  Intentional water, infused with lavender, can be sprayed around your space to uplift and lighten the spirit.

By taking the time to work with yourself and your surroundings, you step into a co-creative role and begin to intentionally resonate with your new intentions.  However, before you can get your goals kicked off for the new year, you must still allow for the process of integration.  This is the last and most essential step of this process.  Don’t skip it because you might find yourself repeating patterns and lessons from 2016, and believe me, those were already painful enough the first time.

Here are some great tips for integrating yourself before the year ends:
1.    Integrate your organs, emotions and programs through processes such as Integrate Energy Therapy(IET). By working with your energy field and imprinting positive qualities, you can reach a state of feeling balanced and ready to face what comes next.
2.    Take your list of ‘Wins & Losses’ and go through a releasing ritual on a ‘New Moon.’ Welcome the vibration of the new year by setting your list on fire and releasing your energies of loss, while absorbing the wins within.
3.    Rest and find time to wind down.  When you allow your body space to simply ‘be’ and not have the pressure of errands, responsibilities and actions that constantly demand your time, then you can take a deep breath and settle in yourself.  Even if this time is just an hour – let it be just YOUR hour.
4.    Do a gratitude checklist and take into account all the blessings that you have.  When you take a moment to really assess your life and step into a place of thankfulness, then space opens up within your heart for more blessings.
5.    Work with crystals and ground your energy into your body by holding a quartz crystal in each hand. Imagine white light cascading down your body from the Creator/Source/God and filling your heart with energy while moving all the way down your legs down to the center of the Earth.  Try this process daily for 7 days and feel your energy fields align, clear and connect.

Now that you’ve got these great handy tips for integration, you can easily go through this process and clear yourself of any resistance and stagnation to usher in the new year with much greater ease.  However, if you find that you still have some difficulties with getting to a clear and still place, then please join me in this rare opportunity to go through a live, global Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) session together.

I will be trying out Facebook Live videos on Wednesday, December 28, 2016 at 1:00 pm CST for a live IET session.  Together, we’ll go through the 9-body organs that hold these blocks and obstacles and work with the Healing Angels of the Human Energy Field to really release and integrate the necessary vibrations to bring 2016 to a healthy close.

If you are interested in joining me, please send me an email at anne at bodyenergyconnection dot com and I will send you supportive documents to help your process out!!  This event is free and of course, because its a Retrograde time, I am hoping that we’ll have super stellar wi-fi reception and excellent broadcasting!!!

Until then, my friends, Happy Holidays and may you all be successful in integrating the best parts of yourself this year!!

Bless up,


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