How to Find Your Inner Magic and Mojo

attitudes and perspectives blog by anne marie pizarro gratitude Jan 10, 2023
image of Anne Marie Pizarro to the right of  Concepcion Volcano, Omotepe Island, Nicaragua

Do you feel like you've lost your spark?  Are you feeling disconnected from your Inner Magic and Mojo?

It's a new year ahead, and we're coming through a three-planet Retrograde season. Do you feel like you're moving through mud? Are you feeling the heavy vibes out there? Need to be more motivated? Are people around you acting like crazy fools?

Relax… you're exactly where you need to be right now. At least, that's what I keep telling myself daily to stay aligned and on track.

However, I may have been glazing over a bigger theme running under the surface. 

Recently, I had a session with my couple's therapist, and I had to admit something that I didn't want to.

I was tired. I felt fatigued. I didn't want to do anything that required 'work.' And this admission came after a four-day restful period of glamping and digital detoxing.  

Admitting that I felt fatigued and tired isn't my norm. I operate at two speeds: GO and STOP.

So when my GO was slowed down, all my STOP mechanisms came online, and I didn't want to move forward until I addressed it.

As a holistic spiritual practitioner, I give a lot to my clients, group members, students, and the coaching community. I do my best to show up 100% and step aside to be a conduit of Spirit. In addition, I give a lot to my personal relationships, like my partner, daughter, and friends. But there was something I was ignoring….myself and my needs.

When my therapist asked me how long I would need to FEEL into this fatigue to get to the other side, the answer came immediately. Two Months.

When I admitted that I would give myself these next two months to feel into this fatigue and get to the other side, I immediately felt relief. I didn't have to go into 'work mode' to figure it out right away. All my mind showed me were images of nature, walks with my dogs, and being completely embraced by silence.

I know this is the antidote. This awareness is the way to the other side of feeling because it's about presence and attention to what your heart, Spirit, and soul needs.

Right now, my heart, Spirit, and soul are asking for:

  • a slower pace
  • a gentle schedule
  • room and time for education and creativity
  • silence
  • nature (gobs and gobs of freaking nature)

Right now…nature makes sense to me, whereas people don't 100%. Nature comforts me where television, movies, and media don't 100%. Silence gives me space to connect to Spirit where constant noise, music, and conversations don't 100%.

Am I losing it?

No. I'm finding it.

I'm finding my mojo again. I'm finding my moments of joy again. I'm finding my ability to say NO again. I'm finding my sense of peace again. I'm finding my way back to feeling happy and aligned with my soul's path.

So if you're not feeling 100% in your state of joy, ease, flow, and magic… don't sweat it, and don't fight it. Instead, sit with it. Allow it the opportunity to show up and teach you something about yourself and what you need.

It wasn't until someone asked me that hard question: What do YOU need right now? that I could get more truthful with myself than I have been in a long time.

I'm not rushing out to schedule another vacation. I'm not rushing out to visit another eclectic or cool spot. I'm not rushing out to make plans with friends. I'm not rushing anywhere.

Instead, I'm sitting with it - the energy - and asking it to show me what I need to learn. I'm being asked to chill, relax and be in the flow of life minute by minute, starting right NOW. This inner space is what I'm learning as I tune in to listen.

There's no other place you can be except aligned with nature or against it. You've got no other pressure to add to your list, plate, or tasks when you're already full. There's no need to compare yourself to others when you're on your own Divine path. 

As a holistic spiritual practitioner, I know that what I do helps people in many ways. I help them connect with their spirituality, heal their bodies and minds, and grow and expand their personal and professional lives. But I can't do this if my bucket is half-full or empty. So remember to fill up your cup so you can pour some of that love into others.

And remember, you're exactly where you need to be to figure out the next best step. That is all for now.

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