Heads up: It's a Pisces Full Moon and a Fall Equinox this week! How are you mastering your time right now?

“The practice of building habits is the process of becoming yourself.” James Clear, Atomic Habits


I remember when I heard this phrase. Part of me stopped in acknowledgment and the other part of me, on autopilot, kept going, as if it didn’t quite hear or process what I had just seen and heard.

So I did something uncharacteristic of myself. I paused my audiobook, rewound it to this quote, and replayed it again. I replayed this quote over ten times, registering and absorbing the depth of this message.

The process of ‘becoming yourself’ is the most important conscious action you can take right now. 

Becoming yourself isn’t just about habits. It’s about how we master ourselves as we’re mastering our Time on Earth.

Time, that friendly force that’s always around us, exerting pressure while also distracting us from realizing its constancy, won’t always be that way throughout our lives. Some days we’ll feel like we don’t have enough time, and everything is moving around in a blur. Other days, it’ll feel like you have to drag yourself out of bed and through each moment to get anything done.  

When we’re younger, we’re impatient with learning how to do things that others around us already do. So we go through the process of learning how to walk, move, talk and emote. 

We’re discovering how the world around us reacts, reflects, and supports our needs. We’re gauging whether we’re safe vs. unsafe, loved vs. unloved, and guided vs. doing it independently.  

Very few wise teachers ever come into our lives to whisper the importance of Time. So instead, we’re streamlined into systems like education, extra-curricular activities, goals, and external validation as ways of identifying our place in the world.  

We begin to recognize that as soon as we’re here, we’re on a countdown for how long we get to stay, how long we have this healthy body, and how much we’re able to accomplish. We begin to sense the pressure of the container that we’re put in, which can cause a whole lifetime of stress.

Mastering Time does not have to be difficult like it does with mastering ourselves. On the contrary, if we understand that Time is a neutral force in our life, then what we do with it supports or challenges us. 

Take today, for example. You’re in the heart of a Pisces Full Moon.

What does this mean for YOU?

It’s a great time to check in with yourself, attend to any emotional pains that may come up as well as ground into your fullness of Being into your body through self-care, time in nature, and gratitude.  

This is a great time to cleanse and clear your space, set some intentions into crystals for the next quarter, and commit within towards taking small actions that lead towards your dream life.

This is a great time to disconnect your mindset from old programs of control and expectations and tune into the wondrous nature of what the Universe has in store to co-create with you.

This is also a special time to tune into your Sacred Heart Space, connect to your Light Archetype/Higher Self, and clear the space around your Human Energy Field.

You can also choose to be quite masterful of how you spend your time on this full moon, taking blocks or spaces of time to be intentionally focused.  

You’ll be quite surprised at how much you’ll get done once you set your focus and be disciplined enough to follow through on your word to yourself.

Our relationship with Time is important because we can co-create our dream life with it rather than fight it.

In my upcoming Masterclass on Time-Bending, I will cover some key ideas that come with working with Time and the Time Lords. I’ll share 3 of them here because they’ll make more sense when you learn the 5 Principles to Bending Time.


Key Idea #1: Time is not static

We live in a world of expansion and contraction; thus, Time is always in a state of motion. However, it is not static, which makes it malleable. When you begin to work with Time’s malleable energy, you start to see your co-creative partnership with Source field. 


Key Idea #2: Time can’t be micro-managed

Time does not care whether you like it or not. It functions as an aspect of motion and the continuous recording of the Divine’s experience in multidimensional ways. It works because it is and therefore trying to micro-manage time or other people’s time is frustratingly painful. When you understand this concept, you learn how to break down Time so that you command its energy rather than feel like you have to micro-manage its use.


Key Idea #3: Time is a force that you can work with

When you learn how to work with the energy and force of Time, you expand your presence at the moment. You hold at that moment all the power, force, and hope of those before you and the immense possibilities that your use of time can affect after you. It can feel overwhelming and daunting, which causes distractions to be an easy outlet. However, working with this force triggers areas of your brain and aspects of your Being to come out in powerful bursts of abilities, strength, and stamina.


So what does this mean for you moving forward this week during a time of a Pisces Full Moon and a Fall Equinox?

  • Do something meaningful with your time.
  • Sign up for the Time-Bending Masterclass.
  • Spend Time in nature connecting to yourself and what you want in life.
  • Clear your home, closets and dark/musty areas
  • Reconnect to your plants and tend to them
  • Cultivate time spent with loved ones and 'Thank You and I Love You."

You can do so many things. All it requires is to take ONE masterful step towards your dream life, which is part of mastering yourself and enjoying your time here on Earth. 

Bless up,




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