Facing the Heart of the Beast - Part 2 of 3

The Magic of Master Jesus

One of my favorite locations in Nicaragua is a beautiful coastal city called San Juan Del Sur, nestled in the Pacific Ocean by a bay overlooked by a 134-meter or 440-foot statue of Master Jesus.

This statue stands 100 meters or 328 feet above sea level. It is known as the Cristo de La Misericordia or Christ of the Mercy. We decided to visit this statue at 7:00 in the morning to avoid the day's heat. Little did we know that the upward climb from sea level meant a 45° incline hike. No big deal, right?

For this marshmallow, it was. I found myself huffing and puffing, getting deeper out of my comfort bubble as I walked slowly towards the statue. I took breaks as I was overcome with breathlessness, gasping for air as the elevation continued.

Somewhere in my mind, I cried out, "Please, Jah, if this will be this bad, send help!"

Within 5 minutes of that request, a taxi magically showed up...at 7:15 a.m.

Boy, Spirit works in mysterious ways. The Time Lords are even more mysterious! This taxi picked us up on our journey and dropped us off less than 200 feet later. It was a ride that took less than 5 minutes but saved at least an hour of walking.

When we arrived at the base of the statue, we proceeded to climb another set of 70+ steps. I stopped counting somewhere between 67-and 85. Let's just say…it was a lot of steps.

The wind met us, whipping us around as we climbed the steps. Finally, we wound up at the base of the gigantic Christ statue. I'd never seen one before and was completely awe-struck at the scale. I also discovered that there are 27 of these giant Jesus statues worldwide. A light in my heart grew around a curiosity to see these gigantic statues.

I was drawn to the chapel to sit with Master Jesus, quiet and absolutely transfixed at a painting. It was a painting of Master Jesus, and rays of light emanated from his chest. I felt like one of those rays came directly to me and touched my heart where I sat. I felt profound gratitude, trust, and love flood through me. It was the warmest feeling of joy being wrapped around my body.

Tears began to pour profusely as I felt the light of Master Jesus and Spirit move through me, all my cells and brightening up my Light body. I felt like I was plugged into such high energy of love and devotion. It felt too good to be true. In my joy, I uttered, "Please, Master Jesus, show me how I may serve you."

Soft as a whisper, I heard a voice reverberate through my head: Be Kind.

Be kind. I sat back and sighed in relief, letting the message sink in. Hmm….that sounds doable. Be kind.

Oh, my friend. I should have known. Sometimes the simplest request is the hardest to carry through.

Being kind was the invitation to step into when I was tested with heat, heat rashes, and unimaginable discomfort and pain from an invisible army of bugs.

Being kind was a reminder when I felt annoyed, impatient, irritated, and frustrated with myself or my partner.

Being kind was the undercurrent when we traveled around a volcano, lost on a dusty, unpaved road in the middle of nowhere as the sun was fading away.  

Being kind was the impetus when I held my sick partner in my arms, worried that he had something potentially debilitating.

Be kind was the message I heard when I watched a drunken man passed out on the street, soiled in his clothes and baking under the hot sun.

Being kind was the humbling reminder I felt when I visited locals who were too poor to have bedsheets on their beds or food in their pantry.

Be kind was the feeling I heard when I witnessed two street musicians feeding stray dogs the small amount of food they had earned from their day's keep.

Being kind was the reminder I carried when I found myself unhappy, complaining, or feeling like missing out on something. Each time I chose to be kind, I held the light of Spirit in my heart for myself. Each time I chose to be kind, I was given a glimpse of the Divine in others.  

Yet the biggest lesson I faced was remembering to make this choice at any given moment of my day. I would find myself caught in a loop of irritation or frustration that I needed something simple to snap me out of it. It was these two words: Be kind.

Master Jesus gave me a small directive with a big output. It tested me every day, and it continues to test me. Why is kindness so hard? Don't we think we deserve it?

We do. Everyone does. Being kind is a superpower because you shift immediately and relax when you choose it. It's the invitation to allow and be guided than to force and control. It's such a simple reminder but so easy to forget. Perhaps that's why Master Jesus shared that message.  

To be kind to yourself is to be kind to others, and this is how we uplift and connect through the grid of Divine awareness and consciousness. It all starts with two actions: Be. Kind.


Introducing the Angels of the Human Energy Field

One of the most beautiful bodies of work that I've had the privilege to learn and practice is called "Integrated Energy Therapy" or IET.  IET works with the Angels and Archangels and helps to clear blocks, cellular memory patterns, and old stuck energy in our organs, cells, and human energy field.

Over the last year, I've been asked by students and clients to offer IET and I'm reaching out to gauge interest in this course before I offer it. I'd love to bring IET to Los Angeles (The City of Angels) and attune you to the work with the Angels of the Human Energy Field.

Would you be interested in this experience?

This weekend workshop will teach you how to work with the Angels, how to remove the energy out of the body, and integrate it with a positive, helpful, and healing vibration. It covers attunement, self-energy clearing exercises, and paired exercises with each other.

This workshop will take place either in June 2022 or October 2022.  Would you like to be part of this class?  Click on this link and let me know!




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