Do you believe in magic?

Do you believe in magic? This is honestly a straight-up question?  

I’m not talking about hocus-pocus spells and pulling a rabbit out of a hat. That’s illusion-based stuff. I’m talking about REAL MAGIC, where the Universe is orchestrating and pulling stuff on in an unreal way that you can’t even fathom how that happened.

If you DO believe in this kind of REAL Magic, then know that it’s Divinely orchestrated, and three aspects of you influence this kind of magic:


  • Your beliefs
  • Your worth 
  • Your capacity to receive


I ask you if you believe in magic because I’ve got a story to share with you that borderlines fantasy.

On 2/2/22, my partner, Jon, and I were involved in a major car accident. We were devastated that happened to our truck, but I kept hearing from my Guides that there was a silver lining. I just couldn’t see or understand it at the time.


I also looked up with 2222 meant and read that it was about divine orchestration and blessings from Above.

Again, I didn’t know what they meant. We were without a car, totally sore from whiplash, and stranded at home in freezing temperatures. Granted, we didn’t have anywhere to go, but it was stressful.  

During this period, I had to focus on working and teaching. A part of me compartmentalized the stress and focused on work as a saving grace, but I kept hearing my Guides say, “There’s a silver lining. Watch.”

I received a message from my insurance that they totaled the vehicle and that they’d pay off the first lien before I would get paid the balance. So it was a start, and Jon and I began to search our next vehicle.  

The process of searching caused me anxiety and stress, so I relegated and delegated the search to Jon. I said, “I’m not attached. You find the next car.”

The invitation to stay unattached was difficult, but every time I’d start to search, I’d just feel overwhelmed and stressed, so I stopped. I kept hearing the Guides and their silver lining messages, so I tried not to pay attention to what was happening with the car.

Luckily, we were able to qualify for financing from our previous lender. This time, the loan amount was greater than the previous vehicle and with a lower interest rate. That was a great sign! Maybe this was the silver lining my Guides spoke about.

It was Friday night, February 11, 2022, when Jon and I found ourselves at a Dodge Dealership looking for a used 2019 Ram truck. This huge behemoth truck was bigger than anything I’d ever been in, and I had to test-drive this monster at night. I’m not too fond of driving at night, which contributed to the anxiety of getting behind an unfamiliar vehicle.

While driving, I felt like a little kid, my feet dangling and not even touching the floor. I was positioned very high and felt like I was ‘over’ the other cars and trucks around me. Visually, it was almost too much to take in.

We found ourselves in the dealer’s office post test-drive, sitting with the most lackadaisical and ambivalent salesman ever. He didn’t care whether he made a sale or not, and it turned us off to the truck. We negotiated an offer which they quickly rebuffed. But, again, they didn’t care to make that sale at 8:15 pm on a Friday, so why would we turn over a check that meant more to us than them.

We left a bit disheartened, and it lighted a fire under our asses. We decided against buying the vehicle and decided to wait. That night, something amazing happened. A vehicle that we weren’t even looking for, familiar with, or had even heard of found us. And…it was brand new.

This is where my head trip shifted. I had been looking for a used vehicle with low miles and a newer model all this time. Yet, not once did I entertain the possibility of buying a new car.

Who was I to buy a new car? That was a foolish idea since it devalued when you drove it off the lot.  

These were the questions that ran through my mind:

  • Was I worthy of a new car?
  • Could I afford a new car?
  • Could I have what I want?
  • Was I open to receiving what the Universe wanted to give me?
  • What if it was hard to find and we had to settle on something else?

The following day, Jon and I contacted over a dozen dealerships looking for this car, known as a Ford Maverick. We contacted dealerships in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas, and NO ONE had this truck on their lot.

What we heard instead was:

  • It’s impossible to find this truck.
  • There’s a nationwide shortage and back-order on this truck.
  • We don’t know when we’re going to get this vehicle.
  • No one has this available to look at in their lot, not even a demo model.
  • You can’t even place an order for it because the Ford production facility had stopped taking orders since they were so backed up.
  • In July 2022, you could place your order for a 2023 truck, but you wouldn’t get it until next year.

For any normal person, this would be enough for them to stop the search, but I guess I’m not quite ‘normal.’ I kept hearing my Guides say, “There’s a silver lining. You just have to be patient for it.”

I kept my cool, not allowing the words, “I can’t have this, or this is impossible to find,” to filter into my mind. Instead, I kept this thought, “I wonder what would happen if we found this truck….”

That question led me to contact a dealership that had advertised this truck. This was not a Ford dealership. It was a Chevy dealership, and they DID have this truck. They contacted me back quickly and shared that this truck was on their lot, but they weren’t sure if it would be available for us to buy.

We decided to step out on faith and follow through on our hunch. We went and looked at this truck and were immediately blown away. Again, we weren’t looking for this particular vehicle. We’d never heard of it. It magically found us.

It is a hybrid electric/gas truck, brand new with all the warranties still covering it and available for less than the blue book value. So all we had to do was ACT and say YES.

That’s exactly what we did. We made our offer, and it was the easiest sale ever. It orchestrated like a dream, almost too good to be true or real.

My Guides flipped a light switch in my head when I chose to recognize my self-worth and believe that I could have something new, amazing, and incredibly aligned with my budget.

My Guides flipped this switch because I’d been doing some deep soul work on self-worth, self-love, and recognizing my prosperity and abundant blessings.

My Guides flipped a switch because I truly believed in Source to provide and let The Most High bring it to me rather than force it to happen.

My Guides flipped a switch because I was willing to meet the outcome halfway by being ready and prepared to act.

Flipping the switch can happen for you, too, when you believe that magic is REAL and available for you. This isn’t just a fairy tale, but a reminder that good is always waiting for us on the other side of hardships. It’s a testament to faith and to believe that we’re worthy of luck, abundance, and blessings.

This experience has been proof that doing the work around Sacred Love Sacred Money can bring successful outcomes and results.

That is why I shared this incredible story with you because it just happened, and its reality is so close that I want to share that magical energy with you. So please join me for three days of live channeling from the Record Keepers as they share their knowledge and guidance around Sacred Love Sacred Money and how to align to it, receive it and prosper from it.


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