Divinely Blessed and Benevolently Loved

by anne marie pizarro gratitude Aug 24, 2011

Energy Connection Tip of the Day: You are Divinely blessed and benevolently loved.  Should there exist any doubt within you of your magnificence, go to a mirror and realize that you are a reflection of The Most High.

We are entering a time in our dear planet’s life where a Divine communion is occurring that is calling us to step into our higher selves. What does that mean?  It is time to let go of our doubts about who we are, whether we are worth it, or whether we are loveable or can love.

All humans long to return to a state of perfect union and love – whether that is within themselves or with The Creator.  People fall in love because they see something in the other person that creates either:  1.) wholeness and balance thus achieving a match that honors and respects each other’s Divinity, path, and wisdom                                OR
2.) dependence and a surrender of themselves, thus creating imbalance and unequal responsibility of emotions and needs.

Where do you lie in that path?

I feel that we are all so Divinely Blessed and Benevolently Loved by the Creator and our Masters, Teachers, Angels, Loved Ones, & Guides that when we choose to love ourselves FIRST, then we can share our love with others.  Being whole within begins with self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, and self-love.

How do you Increase Self-Love and Forgiveness?

It begins with the acknowledgement that you matter, and you exist for a very important reason.  As the placement of a tree, the existence of a plant, the creation of an animal is perfect in nature – as are you.  The more man and woman alter their physical body through plastic surgery, mental body through mind-numbing medications, emotional body through talk therapy that goes in circles, and spiritual body by turning away from the Creator – the farther one is from their true self.

How do you return to your true self?

It takes integration of your outside “parts” and asking them to come within and return to wholeness.

  • It means asking for that hurt child to come within.
  • It means asking for that angry teen to return to within.
  • It means asking the lost 20+ year old to come within.
  • It means bringing the 30+ being to return to peace and come within.
  • It means bringing the frustrated and disenchanted 40+ parent and possible divorcee to come within.
  • It means bringing the 50+ menopausal man or woman to come within.
  • It means bringing the 60+ soon to be grandparent the chance to ease all worries and come within.
  • It means bringing the 70+ anxiety-ridden retiree the chance to come within.
  • It means bringing the 80+ physically changing and body-degenerating elder to come within.
  • It means honoring the 90+ loved one to respectfully and honorably come within.
  • It means assisting the 100+ sage and teacher the opportunity to come within.
So I bid you all great love & blessings as you stay in alignment with your Divinity and feel the benevolent love radiate through you.  You are perfect just as you are.
Stay Blessed Always,

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