Are you ready to receive the gifts from your Ancestors?

The Gifts of From Your Ancestors

When the Record Keepers first showed me the information around the Ancestral Bridge, I wasn’t quite sure how to proceed. It was new to me, and I was surprised that our ancestors wanted anything to do with us in the present moment.  


After all, hadn’t they already achieved their crowning glory and were now chillin’ in the big chair in the sky? Apparently not. They still have some work to do, and it’s with us.


What we know about the afterlife is evolving, and many near-death experiences show us that we’re just beginning to grasp what’s beyond this veil of reality. This awareness is radically important because ancestral healing is a growing practice, and we stand at the precipice of contribution, impact, and making a difference. 


In addition, when we connect the link between the past and the future, we realize that we are the present generation that will one day become the future ancestors. That’s why we exist as the ancestral bridge.


Our ancestors weren’t always the kindest, most refined folks. Many started from meager beginnings and worked hard to build a life, home, and name for themselves. Some did some heinous things while others did honorable acts. Some may have contributed to the subjugation or oppression of groups, while others worked for liberty and freedom.


It’s a mixed bag, and our human ancestral story is a collective hodge-lodge of ideas, goals, hopes, dreams, desires, loves, gains, and losses. 


Our ancestors have built nearly everything we have or contributed in some way to the lives we have today. That didn’t happen overnight and took hundreds of years of refinement, exploration, invention, and innovation.


With that rise in civilizations come a plethora of lessons, teaching, and experiences. Though our ancestors are long gone, their energy is still imprinted on us through our DNA, stories, and dreams. We hold their visions encoded within our field, and we contribute to future generations by projecting our visions forward.


During this special month of October, we’ve discussed the importance and sacred vibration of the ancestral bridge. Now it’s time to activate it and receive the gifts of our ancestors.


You may be wondering, “What are the gifts of my ancestors?”


Everyone has an ancestral lineage. Within that lineage are the stored experiences, agreements, conditions, healing, work, and gifts that your ancestors have acquired throughout their lives. They don’t just disappear; they’re added to your family’s Akashic Records library, and you can access them.  


When you access your family’s Akashic Records, you’re able to create a beautiful link between the past and present. You can receive some of the gifts and energy that your ancestors collected - if you desire. Now, some of you may want nothing to do with your ancestors, and that’s your choice. 


However, if you desire to work with your ancestors to receive their gifts and activate your ancestral bridge, then this special Masterclass is right up your alley.


The Record Keepers asked me to share the information in the Ancestral Bridge Masterclass and help you activate your ancestral bridge connection.


When you activate your ancestral bridge connection, a few things may occur:


  • You may feel a greater sense of ease and peace knowing that you can release any suffering from the past.
  • You may feel a greater sense of expansion and possibilities knowing you carry the strength, support, and guidance of your ancestors.
  • You may feel empowered to do healing work to clear suffering, pain, or discomfort.
  • You may feel a greater connection to your ancestors and hold a grateful heart for their contributions.
  • You may feel an expanded sense of sensitivity, clairvoyance, or claircognizance, knowing that you’re in a special place and time to blend your present desires with the past to create a more evolved and elevated future.


The ancestral bridge work is simple and sacred. It doesn’t require you to do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing. Instead, the ancestral bridgework requires a desire to connect and be a portal of possibilities for the past and future because you are the living bridge and the living library for your lineage.


You gain power, insight, strength, and energy when you activate the ancestral bridge within yourself. You have the opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of the past while thinking of how you’re going to affect your life, your children’s life, and your future lineage. This awareness is a sacred gift and blessing to have.


Many of your ancestors didn’t know that they existed as the ancestral bridge when they were alive. They didn’t always have that luxury to contemplate such things, and if they did, they had the opportunity to affect what they could.  


You, friend, have the opportunity to activate your ancestral bridge and to be a beacon of light, healing, clearing, and support for your line. Your actions can positively impact future generations, especially if you’re willing to face difficult topics like discrimination, inequality, racism, division, and polarity.  


That’s right. Do the work to release yourself and your ancestral lineage from polarity, and you’ll achieve something truly special - the opportunity to exist in unity within yourself, with one another, and the world around you. This is truly living the dream of Heaven on Earth, and you contribute to it.

Join the Masterclass - Activating Your Ancestral Bridge
Wednesday, October 27, 2021 at 4:00 pm CST via Zoom
This class is 90 minutes long and includes a 60-minute teaching followed by a 30-minute meditation.  This class is available as a replay if you're unable to attend.
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