Are you giving in?

There’s a vibrational ripple that’s been causing a distress call in the collective.

Words like recession, inflation, increasing costs, supply chain, and gas hikes are being thrown around, creating a frequency net of lack and distrust. It’s causing people to feel stressed and squeezed within.

Are you giving in to it? I hope not.

There’s an invitation to step out and trust. 

The signs are appearing around us. Global ascension IS happening and the Akashic Records are expanding our world view of what’s happening on a microcosmic, global, and galactic level.

Timelines are shifting as people contract and constrict in decisions they make daily.

One of the biggest worries appearing in Akashic Records Reading with clients is money worries and fears of not enough.

There’s a stress and anxiety tied to not knowing what’s next and feeling the weight of financial burdens.

This is why I came into this livestream to deliver these three important topics:

  • WHY these money worries exist
  • HOW you can overcome your money woes
  • WHAT actions you can take to reinforce prosperous abundance

In addition, I’ll empower you with three positive mantras that you can apply in your life RIGHT NOW whenever you find yourself facing worries.

Watch the livestream here and download your Three Mantra Images in the comments

If there’s anything I’d like to reinforce when these money worries and woes appear, remember that YOU are made in the likeness of Source from which ALL THINGS come FROM.  Remember to ask and receive with a grateful heart.



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