Are you feeling the Retrograde yet? I've got 3 R's for you to help you navigate through the wonky waters!

by anne marie pizarro Jun 01, 2021

Do you DO this thing?!?
Let me share with you a pattern that I’ve noticed that keeps happening right before a Retrograde season starts in my life.  I sign up for something (a class, an event, a gathering) and I find myself unable to do it, follow through or commit fully.  This happens almost on a yearly basis.

I’ve accrued a number of projects that have been started but are incomplete. Does this sound familiar to you?  Do you suffer from a similar pattern?

Wait, now before you castigate yourself too bad, remember it’s not just you.

    It may be what’s happening in the planets that’s influencing the outcome. 

Hang tight friends - we’re in the start of a Retrograde season with big planetary shifts and changes underway.  This is an important time to step back and initiate the 3 R’s so you don’t get swept away by wild swings of emotions, communication mismatches or electrical and technology mishaps.

This Mercury in Retrograde period runs from May 29 - June 22, 2021.  The shade periods were already a bit hairy and this particular period is opening new doors of opportunities even with Saturn in Retrograde.

So how do you best make use of your time, attention and focus doing this retrograde season?  Try one of these 3 R’s to help you gain perspective on your life and the big picture.



Before you take on anything right now, ask yourself what do I have going on that needs my attention and focus so I can complete it?

Reassessing gives you an opportunity to reign in your energies, attention and outreach so you can see what’s in front of you.  By reassessing your big picture situation, you’ll find ways to save money here and there, cancel items or contracts that aren’t working for you or reach out to people who’m you’ve left hanging.

Reassessing is an important activity during a Retrograde cycle because you’ll find ways to plug energy leaks or drains, tune into your inner voice and connect more deeply with your purpose and path.

It’s an opportunity to take in life more slowly and allow things to settle into their place instead of always rushing and trying to play ‘catch-up’ with your life.

This Mercury in Retrograde has given me a moment to reassess what I’ve committed my time to.  I realized that I had fallen into that trap again of signing up for a course right before the retrograde started, thinking that this time, it was going to be different. I was going to finish it.

Instead, what I did was reassess my time and commitments only to find that I didn’t have any available room to take this course on so the best way moving forward was to cancel my commitment and ask for a refund.  That felt really good and aligned with the conclusion that I had reached.

What areas of your life are you reassessing during this period of time?



Many of us have a lot going on.  We’re spread thin and our attention is scattered.  In addition, we’re constantly barraged by noise, information and stimuli all around us.  It’s no wonder we feel overwhelmed.

The beautiful gift of the Retrograde is that it gives us time to reflect.   Instead of taking on new actions, agreements or activities, this is a great time to reflect on what you’ve got going on and focus on areas that are being ignored.

Reflection helps us to cultivate gratitude and appreciation for what we’ve got. It allows us to take stock of our blessings and be mindfully aware of our community, connections and energy.  In addition, it helps us to see where we’re over-doing it, over-stretched and over-committed.

Personally, I had to step back and reflect on all the commitments that were pulling on my plate.  From client sessions and group coaching to community cultivation and content creation, I felt like I was full and couldn’t take anything else on.  I felt like I was in a pressurized container that didn’t have an outlet.

When I observed this, I knew immediately the antidote.  I bought tickets to a comedy show (Eric Schwartz…seriously this guy is HILARIOUS!) and we went out for a night of laughter and fun.  That was the missing element. I was working so much and missing out on fun and lightness.

What a huge shift I experienced when my body, mind and spirit was flooded with oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin from laughing for three hours non-stop.  It woke something up in me.  I realize that we have to balance work, play, rest and activity or else we begin to feel like we’re stuck in a hamster wheel, running nowhere.


    Oh boy this is a big one, especially during a Retrograde time.  Redirecting how you feel, how you think, what you want to say, and what you mean are all going to come into light during this season.  You won’t be able to just get away with letting words slip unconsciously because people are going to react or be affected by it.

    Redirecting is something that you’ll have to work on throughout your life.

When things don’t go your way, instead of blaming others, you’ll have to redirect that energy and ask yourself, ‘What did I do to contribute to this outcome?’  When you’re feeling beat up by the world, you’ll have to redirect that feeling into something that inspires and motivates you to continue even when you want to stop.  When you’re feeling like you’re hurt and want to lash out, you’ll find that redirecting that energy both saves you and the person you’re angry at deeper heart hurt.

Redirecting isn’t easy and catching it before it expresses into something you’ll regret is an art form.  We aren’t always so savvy in reading ourselves, and emotions can turn quickly.  That’s why redirection is like a Zen practice of self-love.

Redirecting energy, emotions and thoughts can make the difference between you living a happy life or a stressed existence.  The more you practice redirecting towards the positive, the more your patience grows with yourself and others.

Redirecting isn’t casting blame on others, either.  Redirecting is taking charge of the stimuli and choosing to place it in a container that you can respond to in a healthy manner. It’s about seeing the situation in a more evolved perspective and not taking things personally

I recently had to apply redirection.  It happened when I was out having breakfast with my partner and I was feeling the squeeze of time. I had a call to attend in 20 minutes and we were still out and about, and I wasn’t prepared.  Instead of taking the nervous, agitated energy of potentially being ‘late’, I took a deep breathe and redirected my thoughts.

I focused instead on how delicious the meal was and how time together in the morning meant a lot to me. I focused on how grateful I felt that I was in a supportive, loving relationship.  I focused on the fact that going to this call was a choice I was making and that I didn’t have to.  By redirecting the energy of impatience and stress to one of gratitude and expanse, I was able to avert an argument.

The effect of this redirection resulted in coming home 5 minutes before the call started, leaving me with plenty of time to get ready and participate.

    In closing, I want to reinforce the power of reassessing, reflecting and redirecting during this Retrograde season as well as in any periods of time in our lives.

We often respond too quickly finding ourselves feeling regretful or guilty later on when we think back to the past.  Practice being in the now and living from an empowered sacred heart space that allows patience, space, and the opportunity to choose a higher outcome  We’re not taught this in school and that’s a shame because if we were given stronger mechanisms for self-accountability, we’d experience a greater sense of appreciation for ourselves and others.

So be kind to yourself this week, friend. Don’t take on too much or sign up for something you just can’t fit into your life.  After all, no one is judging you. So please…don’t judge yourself too hard.

Bless up,

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