Are You Caught Up In The Busy-ness Trap?

I hope you're doing well and feeling blessed. I have a very important message that came through today from Mother Earth (this is channeled from the RK's), and you'll get to hear that in the preview below.

However, I have a story I want to share with you, friend.

It all started with dread. That's what I felt as I watched 2021 come to a close. Instead of joy and a feeling of celebration, I felt only dread.

I felt this dread at incomplete projects, unfinished courses, and a whole slew of plans that were still in motion up in the air.

I saw people celebrating the end of the year, being mindful and intentional, and taking glorious vacations. So why didn't I feel the same?


It's because I was caught up in the busy-ness trap, and I couldn't break free of the trance that I had to be doing something constantly.

Have you ever found yourself in this situation?

Well, hang tight, because I've got a good one for you.

My partner, Jon, and I found ourselves in the Davis Mountains in West Texas, forging ahead into a vacation that didn't really feel like a break. It felt like work.

We rented an RV at the end of December and headed to the mountains for some rest and respite. The image that played over and over in my head was sitting in an idyllic get-away with gorgeous vistas and drinking something fruity with an umbrella to spice things up. I saw myself glowing and basking in the sunshine while languidly sipping my drink and contemplating a cure for everything.

That was not what happened. Instead, reality came crashing with a triumphant air horn somewhere in my idyllic fantasy.

Oh, heck no, are you going to go on a fantasy vacation!

Spirit had other plans. Instead, we went on a punishingly long journey to get to this one RV park in the middle of nowhere that reeked of hopelessness and despair. Instead of basking in glory in the sun, I was wrapped up in 4-layers of fleece because it was freezing cold outside. Instead of my umbrella-laden drink, I was sipping hot coffee from a tin-can that came with the RV because it kept my hands warm. Instead of getting the fantasy vacation, I got a whole crap-load of work from sun up to sundown.

My bubble popped. This wasn't what I thought was going to happen. This wasn't what I had signed up for. Or was it?!?

One of the key things I asked for during this vacation was to spend time in nature and go for a hike.

I should have known that this type of trip wasn't just going to give me an easy hike; it was going to be a test.

Our first hike took us to the top of a summit that overlooked a beautiful landscape of the Chihuahuan desert and the mountains surrounding the area. It was truly eye-candy, and I found myself sitting atop a ledge and just taking it all in. That's when I heard a deep rumbling voice in my head, "So, you've finally made it."

I did what any normal person would do. I looked around to see if anyone else heard it or said it. It was just me, Jon, and our dog, Molly, kicking it at 6,000 feet. So, I got real quiet and listened. That's when it came back

"You thought you could make this happen without me?" The voice asked again.

I closed my eyes and dove into the conversation. "And who are you?'

"You dare ask," the voice spoke. "You don't hear me 90% of the time because you're so busy. So when I finally get your attention, you have to be on top of the mountain to listen."

And that's when I knew who the voice was. It was the voice of Mother Earth, and she knew just how to get under my skin.

"I'm sorry, Divine Mother," I whispered in my heart. "I didn't even know you were trying to reach me."

"I'm always with you," she continued, "but you're so in your head that you forget to connect to the Ancestors of the Earth and me to ask. How do you expect to get anything done? How do you expect to materialize anything?"

I was flabbergasted. And…embarrassed. Mother Earth had just called me out, and I didn't have anything to say. She busted me for not being attentive, present, or in my body when it came to manifesting. She spoke up when all I could hear was the pained bitching of my ego, feeling unsatisfied and unhappy.

"I don't know what to do," I whispered. "Everything has felt really hard."

"You listen," She commanded. "You listen with your body. You attend to the form not with your head but with your heart and attention. Then, finally, you come back to your center because nothing else matters."

Then everything went silent. All I could hear was the wind whipping through the trees and whistling by my ears. That was what I needed.

I needed to be silent and listen to the wisdom of Mother Earth. When I stood up from that ledge, I had a different viewpoint and perspective of the world around me.

Instead of seeing the land as unwelcoming and challenging, I began to take in her rugged beauty. I saw the ancestral faces of the Earth and her people in the mountains. I felt the energy of her love and support moving through me with each precious and present step I took. Every thought inhabiting my mind disappeared when I just had to focus on taking one step at a time as we hiked and descended through miles and miles of rocky ground.

After a grueling 6-mile hike(our second of the day), I felt like I had experienced a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual vision quest. I felt exhausted but also elated. I spent those hours hiking and listening to Mother Earth's messages as they poured through my consciousness. I basked in the silence of the mountains, only speaking when it was necessary. I reveled in the simplicity of what lay before me. Nothing else mattered but the moment.

That's when a part of me came back to my center. Nothing else mattered but the moment.

Sometimes, we get so distracted and pulled away by what our minds and thoughts are showing us that we forget to trust in the innate wisdom of our bodies and souls.

Our body and soul have a special connection and contribution to our path, and we experience conflict when we don't synchronize our minds with our bodies and Spirit.

So what did this experience with Mother Earth teach me about 2022? This is the wisdom that she conveyed to me that day:


  • To materialize anything, you must first go to Mother Earth and the Ancestors of the Earth to ask for help and support to bring it into the 3D plane.
  • You can only go so far by yourself, in your head. Sometimes you need to break free of the illusion of separation and get connected to what matters - being in form.
  • You are loved and helped, so don't forget to ask for support.


It wasn't until the messages of Mother Earth sank into the core of my being that things shifted that last week and weekend of 2021. Jon and I found inclement weather coming our way, so we shifted our plans and started our long trek home. But, instead of making it in one painfully drawn-out journey, we cut our trip in half and stayed somewhere else.

This time, our landscape was in front of the Colorado River, mindfully taking in the expansive beauty of nature and water and allowing 2022 to be gently brought in. Instead of the hard work that started that vacation, we eased back into our lives with grace, mindfulness, and humility.

We had to leave our home to appreciate it. We had to bust ass really hard to give ourselves permission to relax and be in the state of now. We had to experience blow-ups and resistance to let go and be guided.


Friend, how are you allowing The Earth, the Ancestors, and your Higher Self to guide you this year?

I invite you to take it easy. Be more in your body than in your head. Be more aware of where your thoughts want to take you. Be more aware of what your pained body/mind/spirit connection is trying to convey. And most of all…spend more time BEING rather than DOING.

That's how I'm going to do it differently this year. How are you going to do YOU this year?

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