Activating Your Sacred Bond with Your Ancestors

blog by anne marie pizarro Oct 23, 2021

I have a special altar in my home that we've relegated just for our Ancestors. My grandparents are there along with my partner's family and friends. On this special altar, we even have our beloved Buster, our dog that passed away this year.

This altar is special to us. It represents a place of honor, respect, and memories.  

Sometimes, I'm caught off-guard by a passing memory of my grandmother, and my eyes are invariably drawn to this altar. I feel like it's a message that she's delivering to remind me of our connection.

This month, we're focusing on honoring our Ancestors and our sacred bond with them.

We have a special position and part to play. We hold a very important purpose which is to be a Bridge of Light for our ancestral line.

Being a Bridge of Light is a conscious act of attention, awareness, and service.  

Each of us exists as a potential Bridge of Light. We hold our Ancestors' dreams, efforts, and hopes while also carrying the dreams, efforts, and hopes for our future lineage. We all stand at a precipice to make a choice every day. 

We can either choose to live our best life in honor of our Ancestors' efforts and groundwork, or we can quake and quiver in the burden of our lot.

This powerful choice either gives us self-permission to go for the highest goals and dreams, or it can cause us to get stuck in insecurity, fear, and pressure to perform. 

It is a dilemma for sure but doesn't have to carry such intensity and heaviness when we can 'control' how we even want to work with our Guides and Ancestors.

Though our Ancestors have long passed away, their energy, intentions, and prayers for the present and future lineages still exist. Their prayers are often simple - to be loved, sheltered, protected, prosper, have a chance, and do something with what they're given. These are their prayers for us because we're still here on the material, Earth realm exercising options, decisions, and opportunities.

Many people worldwide are simply too busy and absorbed in what they're doing that connecting to their Ancestors isn't a high priority. 

We understand. Humankind has created a world where distractions are aplenty and serve to keep you focused on external joys and stimuli rather than cultivating inner peace and spiritual connection.

That is why our Ancestors are patiently watching on the sidelines. Occasionally they'll reach through the veil and connect with us through symbols, messages, images, or messengers. Whether we choose to engage with our Ancestors is up to us.

However, when we choose to activate the Ancestral Bridge - remarkable things can begin to happen. 

We begin to feel supported, helped, and seen. Our Ancestors can be called upon to help us in any areas of our lives where we may be struggling, unsure, or need clarity. That's what they're there for.  

Our Ancestors begin to support us because we are the Ancestral Bridge.

They know that we have a special mission on Earth to experience our own lives and choose actions, lessons, or people contributing to our evolution. The Ancestors also know that many of our challenges stem from previous timelines, influenced, and actions of our lineage. Therefore, some Ancestors are here to provide atonement, peace, and closure. Other Ancestors are here to bridge us to new opportunities, ways to prosper and expand and discover how to improve upon our current lineage.

Because of the sacredness of time, we have a special month to connect, honor and sing praises to our Ancestors. Here are five simple techniques to get you started:

#1. Practice saying 'Thank You' to your Ancestors daily

  • Nothing is more powerful than gratitude and attention. When you state your gratitude for your Ancestors, a ripple of positive energy occurs through your lineage because you're honoring and validating your Ancestors' lives and efforts. Gratitude can be a powerful way to gain extra energetic support because you are in a state of receptivity.

#2. Offer your Ancestors water, food, and gifts.

  • Though your Ancestors may not be in physical form, they still experience appreciation. Offering water to your Ancestors helps to quench their 'thirst' for the material realm and who they're still connected to. Offering food honors the energetic vitality of your Ancestors, and offering gifts is a lovely way of expressing gratitude while acknowledging their affinity for fine things or things of beauty.

#3. Take a few minutes each day to sit and connect with your Ancestors.

  • The most precious gift you can offer your Ancestors is time. Time on Earth is so sacred because this is where you get to learn and apply your knowledge. Your Ancestors know that you're extremely busy. Holding even a 1-5 minute meditation helps you anchor your connection and acknowledge that you're living your Ancestors' dream life because you're here now.

#4. Practice using Ho'oponopono to support your Ancestors

  • Ho'oponopono is a powerful and healing body of work that helps clear karmic lessons and pain for your Ancestral line. When you take accountability for yourself and how you can affect your line, you can begin to heal and clear what may have been painful, difficult, or hard in the past. Ho'oponopono is a sacred act of ownership, and clearing your family's karma is a huge beneficial act of love and respect. By using the powerful words of, "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I love you and Thank You." - you help your Ancestors release suffering, judgment, or blame.

#5. Ask for help

  • Your Ancestors are around you for a reason: to be a bridge to help you on this plane. So ask. Many people are afraid to ask or feel like it's selfish, but your Ancestors want to help. They know that they can't choose or live your life for you, but they can help you by aligning to your requests, supporting you when you need it, or bringing people/circumstances into alignment so that you can be helped along the way. Please know that if you don't ask for help, your Ancestors are watching on the sidelines, shaking their heads at your stubbornness in trying to prove yourself. They know what your challenges are. They may have had similar ones themselves. Don't you think they can show you how to do it a better way?

Activating your sacred bond with your Ancestors doesn't have to be a lot of work, time, or effort.  

What it does require are attention, presence, and desire. If you truly want to activate the Ancestral Bridge, you've got to acknowledge that YOU are the bridge, and you're willing to have this experience.  

Your Ancestors love you very much, and they are very excited that you're getting your chance to experience life on Earth. But remember that they've been here before, and they accomplished so much with less than you have now.   

If there's anything that can support or elevate your Ancestral lineage, it's gratitude, honor, and respect. Try it out. After all, one day - you'll be in the same line as your Ancestors. Make this experience on Earth really matter!!

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