5 Time-Saving Tweaks That Will Make a HUGE Difference in Your Life

What would you accomplish if you could slow down the hands of Time?

Would you finally take that dream trip? Would you spend more time with your loved ones? Would you take that courageous leap of faith and DO that thing you’ve always wanted to do but kept putting off?

Well, friend, NOW is the time to take advantage of the time you have, NOT later.

Later, you may find that you don’t have the strength, energy, or vitality to do the work you want. You may find that you don’t have the same desire. Or you may find that it’s too late.

Let me tell you a magical story about Time…

Yesterday morning I had less than 9 minutes to get home from the restaurant that I was at to make it to my live class at 12:00 pm CST. It was 11:51 am, and I was 15 minutes away.

I knew what I had to do, but dang, that window was really small!

I called in the Time Lords and asked for help. I asked them to ‘bend time’ for me to get home by noon. They told me it wasn’t big enough of a window, so I asked them to get me home by 12:01 pm.

One minute?!?! What can one minute do?!? Well, according to the Time Lords, that was enough of a window to play with the energy of Time.

Guess what? All the lights turned green as I was approaching on my way home. Cars moved just in the nick of time when I needed to pass or make a turn. I pulled into my driveway, walked into my office, and turned my computer on at…12:01 pm CST.

I couldn’t believe it. I got in just in time; however, my sound…that took another 5 minutes to arrive. 

Despite running late and facing a Mercury in Retroshade horizon, I still managed to squeeze into the wormhole of time that I asked the Time Lords to open for me.

I thought it was miraculous that their 1-minute expansion of the window got us into a zone of alignment, but this is no big deal to the Time Lords. They’re in charge of the forces that expand, elongate, and bend Time. What is one minute to me maybe altogether different for them. This was a small request on their part; I just had to play along and believe they could make it happen. That’s an important aspect I’ll be discussing this week. 

The principles of working with the Time Lords have long fascinated me, and when I was asked by the students of BARG (Become an Akashic Records Guide) to teach Time-Bending, I knew that the Time was ripe for this information to appear in the world.

My friend, this is a BIG DEAL! Time is our most precious commodity, and we can’t afford to waste it when we’re not guaranteed more of it. 

What’s even more mind-boggling is that when we apply our connection to Time to face social, political, health, and racial issues - we can really transform the energy, experience, and lessons around these topics.

We can decrease the length of time we have to deal with old, conflicting paradigms to support our world’s expansion and evolution towards a more peaceful, productive, and supportive society. We all have a hand in how we influence our individual and collective timelines.

Yes, I believe it’s possible because we’re all encoded with the information we need to survive, thrive, and create new outcomes. We’re here as a bridge to the future of change and possibility, so our relationship with time is precious and sacred. 

When we learn to work with this incredible force, we elevate ourselves and the world to a new reality.

This week, I’ll be bringing a very special Masterclass to help you connect to the Time Lords and evolve your relationship w/ time. I’ll be showing you five principles to elongate, expand and bend Time, as well as cover how to slow down the clock of aging. If you’re ready to embrace a new experience with Time, jump on board. We’ll only be doing it this week!

Click on this link to register for this Masterclass: Time-Bending

This Masterclass will take place Wednesday, September 29, 2021 at 4:00 pm CST via Zoom. It will be 90 minutes long but the Time Lords will absolutely squeeze is so much more. After all, they gave me sooo much in a 1-minute window.  Can you imagine what they'll deliver in 90 minutes?!?

Replays are available the day after the class is complete.  Join me for the super stellar experience.  Sit with the Time Lords and ask them to work with you in your life.  You'll never be quite the same again!  At least you'll be a time-bender and no one has to know!!

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