What do your stories reveal about you?

akashic records become an akashic records guide blog by anne marie pizarro Feb 22, 2023

Our stories reveal our soul's journey, purpose and lessons.

If you were to look in my closet, you'd find an epic amount of concert t-shirts. These t-shirts represent my long love affair with live music. However, these t-shirts seem to define a time in my life, and I realize maybe that story is shifting. Maybe I'm shifting.

Our stories and what we tell ourselves matter because they amalgamate how we experience life.

When I take stock of my concert t's, they represent a spectrum of music, freedom, and memories I'll cherish forever. However, concert t's aren't always the most appropriate attire when presenting a more professional persona.

That's what led me to examine the pre-existing story I've held for a while: When you 'grow up,' you become boring and old-fashioned.

I look at these concert t's and realize silk tops, nice blouses, and beautiful prints are slowly edging them out to the hidden drawers. Oh no....am I becoming...old?!?

I can either hold on to the story that I'm going to become old-fashioned or shift.

Did you know you can retire old stories, change the narrative or even construct a new story with a different outcome?

No one ever told us we could do that. We only stumble upon it once we start our spiritual awakening, healing, and soul evolution journey.

Our stories matter because they're a woven timeline of experiences of our human lives on Earth. Sometimes these stories are expressed in books, movies, songs, and art. Other times, they're oral and transferred from conversation to conversation.

What does my story matter in the big picture of the world?

It matters. It matters a heck of a lot because only YOU can live that story out. Only you can change the nature of your story. Your personal experiences may impact or contribute to someone else shifting, evolving, or healing because you're willing to be vulnerable, real, and a storyteller.

Storytellers have an important job to do: share light in the world. These stories tell us about ourselves, our past, and our purpose on Earth.  

That means, as a human being, you're not just taking space, breathing valuable air, or consuming precious resources. No… you're living. You're contributing to the conversations happening around you. You're experiencing life.

Sometimes people feel stuck in their stories. I'm sure you've had moments where you feel like you're looking at the broken-record effect. Why do things keep happening over and over? What does it take for us to get it?

It takes courage and curiosity to dive into these stories and change them.

I will share three stories that I've successfully shifted and changed in my life.

The first is a love story.

My 20s and 30s were plagued by difficult and challenging relationships. Unfortunately, I was operating under the storyline that love and relationships were hard. After all, I grew up being modeled dysfunctional relationships fraught with fighting, disagreements, and power plays.  

I remember being 38 years old and feeling so challenged in love that I essentially 'gave up.' I had an experience where I threw my hands up at Source and said, "Oh…you think you know better. Well…then you send him to me. I'm doing a miserable job here on my own."

So I shifted. I began to write erotic love stories around a particular character's journey with love. The first book healed me. The second book brought my beloved, Jon, to me.

But I was the one that changed. When I started my journey as a storyteller, I didn't know what to talk about. The Akashic Records helped. By accessing the Records, I could pick up on a storyline I had started many lifetimes ago around love, partnership, and healing. It was the Record Keepers that told me to write a new story. I didn't know how, so I began to channel completed books about love that helped me manifest my own beloved.  

I changed after that. I began to believe again in the power of love to heal, and the RKs kept talking to me about channeling more around love because that was part of my work on Earth.

The second story I want to share is about money.

I grew up in an immigrant household where the main storyline was working hard, getting good grades, and succeeding in your career. But dang….you had to work your ass off to make that money.

We shopped from the sales rack. We played the humble card. We NEVER talked about money….except I always heard how stressed out my mother was about money.

This stress made me learn how to hustle at a very early age. I started my first business at ten and don't remember what I was selling. I just knew I had that drive. Then, in 1998, when I graduated from nursing school, my first purchase was a ginormous IBM desktop computer that cost over $3,000. That was my introduction to the digital world and online marketing.

I grew up hearing stories of money being hard to come by and only sometimes available for a select few. But if you worked hard enough, you might get a break, but it comes with a whole lot of debt.

Those stories made leaving nursing very hard. It took over 18 years before I dared to step out and become a full-time spiritual and holistic entrepreneur.

When I broke the six-figure mark in 2021, I couldn't bring myself to tell anyone. It was a private victory. Behind the scenes, I worked long hours, hustled more than ever, and served clients worldwide. Still…it was a quiet celebration.

In 2022, I again broke the six-figure mark as a spiritual entrepreneur and still had difficulty talking about my success. All my fears of vulnerability, judgment, and criticism surfaced. Talk about having to break free of imposter syndrome!

Imagine my surprise when my coach publicly celebrated my success, breaking the six-figure mark. She said only 11% of women successfully made this happen. I wanted to hide. I wanted to completely disappear because my story around money was about being humble, serving The Most High, and not being 'loud' about that.

But I realized that if I was hiding, how would my students and clients feel about their breakthroughs with financial success? I didn't want the people I served to struggle so hard.

So I accessed the Akashic Records and started to see these old patterns and stories in my Soul Map. One by one, I started to work on these stories, healing them and rewriting the outcome. I focused on feeling good and allowing myself to feel worthy, successful, and sustained by Source. I released the old judgment that someone out there would receive less if I were successful.

I was invited to see the big picture of what I could do and accomplish. The RKs told me that I was the main narrator of my life and that if I wanted to narrate success, joy, abundance, prosperity, ease, and flow…. I'd have to be willing to live that story daily.

So I began to write a new story about my relationship with money. Instead of judging it negatively, I began to love and appreciate all the wonderful things I could experience, having it flow in and out of my life. I began to loosen my grasp on 'the amount' and looked for signs of Source's abundance in all areas of my life. And that's when things really shifted.

As my story about my financial health evolved, so did my relationship with money. That's the power of writing a new narrative and plot line where I'm the heroine of my life. Wouldn't you like to change your narrative related to your money stories?

The third story I want to share is about permission.

I was recently invited to a retreat for high-achieving businesswomen. So naturally, every part of me responded to the invitation with a full-bodied YES.

Interestingly, as soon as I said yes, all my stories around worth, confidence, being enough, and imposter syndrome reared their ugly head. Who was I to participate in such a posh event representing abundance, success, ease, and financial power?

I felt pricked and tiny when those questions started to show up. Then, one night, I had an interesting visit from the Record Keepers.

They gave me three visions of previous lifetimes: a high priestess in the Isis Temple, a wealthy Greek merchant, and an affluent landowner in France.

These visions showed thematic connections:

    • a purpose-driven life of service
    • the ability to create freedom for myself and others
    • the ability to impact and contribute to the world

What was I so afraid of?

The storyline goes like this: I was so afraid of being seen as fully worthy and wealthy because I was afraid that it would get taken away.

Yet I know material wealth can disappear, but spiritual wealth is eternal. The Most High permitted me to allow this glorious experience, but '3-D Anne' was playing the small card because she was comparing herself to others and didn't believe she was worthy of such an epic experience.

I knew something had to shift, so I asked the RKs to show me how. By accessing the Soul Map, we could see where my money karma was blocked, where I was repeating hard lessons around money, and where I needed to shift the storyline to give myself what I needed…FULL permission.

I remember sending that first payment, having to hustle and figure out where it would come from. Of course, I had it all along, but I was holding on to it like it was my very last dollar.

That's when I heard the RKs whisper, "Trust. Your job is to allow the flow and move it through you. Don't hold on to fear or loss. Trust in gain and growth."

So I made that leap of faith. I decided to invest in myself, my healing, and my evolution because…I deserved it and I wanted it deep in my core.

I have yet to go on this retreat. It's coming up in April, and it's bringing up ALL my stories for me to see, let go, and let Spirit shine its light.

This is why our stories are so powerful. They're connected to our soul lessons, path, and purpose. But unfortunately, not everyone is willing to share their stories, and not everyone needs to share them publicly.

However, as a storyteller and an Akashic Records Reader, I know our stories connect us to our past and future. Therefore, we can shift it in the present, which influences the outcomes in our Akashic Records.

These stories that weave the fabric of our lives are not stagnant. Instead, they're a living energy field representing our soul's journey and evolution.

We continue to play those out daily if we hold stories of lack, fear, challenges, worry, stress, powerlessness, or disempowerment. So it's good to have access to a sacred tool like The Akashic Records to help us see these stories and all the potential outcomes to change the storylines. That's how we co-create with Source and our Soul Council.

This brings me to a very important question: Are you READY to shift those stories you hold in your Akashic Records?

If so, I'd love to invite you to join me this Spring for the launch of Become an Akashic Records Guide. This is our 5th launch, and we're bringing something super exciting to this Spring Intensive: Advanced Healing Techniques with the Record Keepers.

If you want to learn how to shift and change these stories, the Akashic Records will help you get to the bottom of these storylines.  

If you want to learn how to access higher guidance to understand your path and purpose, the Akashic Records will help you see the big picture of your life and others.

If you're interested in learning how to help humanity during its evolutionary journey, the Akashic Records can help.

I've successfully trained over 100+ readers since starting the journey of teaching in 2019. Teaching is part of my mission on Earth to help train channels and Readers to become legitimized as professional healers who can command a 5-6 figure business. My goal is to help spiritual seekers grow their work to impact the world successfully.

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