What GOLF teaches you about your beliefs


I hope you're doing well and feeling blessed! Boy, am I pumped and excited to get this message out to you today!

First of all, I didn't want to do this livestream. It's a little embarrassing when you rat on yourself.

Second, I can't believe I'm talking about GOLF.  Seriously, what does this sport even have to do with you or me?!?  Believe me...it gets better.

Third, I told my Record Keepers that I was willing to do something different.  This was their response..."Well, then go do it!"

So here I am, friend, with a lovely video to share with you about golf and our beliefs.

Can I just share with you something...I don't play golf and I downright suck at it.  

But the lesson I learned is priceless and I just have to share it with you today to remind you some really important life lessons.


When you're ready to check it out, go to this video and watch it.


I was completely PLUGGED INTO the Akashic Field when I played this game recently. When you're plugged in, the Record Keepers and Spirit Guides are constantly showing you lessons where you trip yourself up.

Are you finding yourself being tripped up and need to figure out how to break that cycle?

Please consider downloading my free guide, 10 Tips to Connect with the Akashic Field.  You may realize you're more on track than off!

Alright friend!  Today is a special Supermoon Day! I hope you've got plans because ALL of my crystals in my office are yelling and excited to be out for a moon bath. So this is a friendly reminder for you to take good care of yourself and set some juicy intentions for this full moon experience!


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