What Does Animas Mean to You?

by anne marie pizarro Apr 27, 2021

I recently took some time off to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life and business to listen to the messages of Spirit and hit the road.  

I was feeling a yearning, a restlessness, a desire to get off the path and explore.  I had been hearing and feeling the subtle messages of Spirit coming through, yet I needed time and silence to receive.

Information and synchronicity showed up right away.  My partner, Jon, and I found ourselves staying in a small cabin next to a creek called Las Animas Creek.  Then we found ourselves staying in a hotel off Animas Street.  Then we kept finding ourselves connected to places in Animas County.

What was the meaning of this word animas and why did it keep showing up?

The Spanish translation of animas covers these different words: to cheer, encourage, animate, inspire, rouse, pep up and pull for.  

The English translation of anima, especially in Jungian psychology, is tied to the inner self (not the external persona) that is in touch with the unconscious.  This could be connected to the self, ego or your own consciousness of your own identity.

The other definition of anima is soul or life. It is the actuating cause of an individual life.

What a strange word…

I was fascinated with the energy of animas because I felt like Spirit was rooting for us to be in touch with it and our dreams. I was drawn to the energy of anima because I was seeking inspiration and even the energy to rouse myself each and every day. I also felt like the message of anima was to keep on going, striving and learning more about the self, others and the world.

What triggered the anima energy was thinking about the natives and early settlers of the United States and reminiscing on their journeys through canyons, rivers and mountain passes.  I can only wonder what they may have gone through to travel and find their homes.  It takes a certain type of force, drive and animas to make something like that happen.

I was also thinking about the kind of anima we need right now in our lives, moving forward to bridge our hopes for the future. There’s still social and civil turmoil, a pandemic, economic challenges and strife going on throughout the world.

We’re given the opportunity to create and establish a collective anima of respect, love and consideration in order for things to change.  It can when we root for each other and not just ourselves.

We’re in a powerful time to create, establish and carry a collective anima of support, healing and equality for all in order for things to evolve.  It absolutely can when we pull for each other and not just ourselves.

Most of all, we’re in a time to attend to our personal and collective anima of gratitude, connection and witnessing each other in order for things to come to balance. This is how we can heal, recognize the Divine in each other and receive blessings in our lives.

Animas is more than the spirit of what we take into doing and being; it’s a vibration of the soul.  

This is why Spirit kept bringing the word over and over in my consciousness.  It was an invitation to appreciate, choose and embrace the beauty of the moment, our lives and our time on Earth.

So my friend, I’m sharing the gift of anima with you today.  May you be uplifted, cheered and supported in all you do because you’re rockin’ it in a way that no one else can but you.



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