What does 2/2/2022 hold for you?

I hope you're doing well and feeling blessed! Do you know what today is?!? It's 02/22/2022 or 22/02/2022. How many 2's can we get?!? How many tacos can we possibly have?!?


What does 2/2/2022 hold for you?

If there’s anything that the Record Keepers have conveyed to me throughout these years, it’s how important numbers are. Numbers encode the language of Source/Spirit/God, and these codes are often reflected in sacred geometry, patterns, and sequences throughout nature and the Universe.


2/2/2022 is very special, and here are six reasons why 2/2/22 holds something unique for you.

  1. As a palindrome, the energy of 22/02/2022 is about the unity of moving forward and backward. Pay attention to where the energy of movement is appearing in your life. Is it in your health, emotions, thinking, or feelings? You are a mirror to everything you see, and this day allows you to dive deep and see both your beauty and pain and integrate it.


  1. As a master number, 22 represents the Master Builder energy. What you choose to focus on creating, building, and aligning to this year can influence what can show up in your life path. Take a moment to write down what you’re building in the “big picture” and the smaller steps that lead to this great outcome.


  1. 2/2/22 holds the energy of intuition, duality, and recognizing practical actions tied to systematic outcomes. Systematic outcomes shape who you are and what appears in your life. If you don’t have a system of capturing your intentions, then manifesting can be everywhere. This date is an invitation to write down what you want and be open to letting the Universe show you how to fill in the blanks for your system. Just be willing to meet the Universe halfway.


  1. 2/22/22 offers these awesome characteristics that you can embrace and work with today. It offers organization, practical thinking, successful efforts, and masterful creativity. It’s important not to lose yourself in talking too much about what you want and not put in the effort. It’s important to focus on what you’d rather attract than repeat what has been causing you stuckness, challenges, and pain.


  1. 2/22/22 offers you the opportunity to shift up-level emotions and thoughts. If you’ve been operating with moodiness, frustration, nervousness, anxiety, or inability to decide/choose, today is a great day to sit with yourself and ask, ‘How would I like to feel around ____?’ By offering yourself an opportunity to see the contrast, you get to choose and up-level your physical, emotional, and spiritual energy.


  1. 2/22/22 is about recognizing your dual relationship with your material self and your Light Self. Your Light Self, also known as your Higher Self or your Light Avatar, has been working in the background all this time, cultivating and crafting your dream life. You may not realize this is happening, and today offers you the opportunity to recognize your hard efforts and realize that you’re not alone. You’re in sacred partnership with your Divine Nature, and this is what makes you an incredibly powerful, talented, and connected Being of Light.


22/02/2022 is a special day in time and marks a special passage of Pluto in return, which only happens every 248 years. What this means is that today offers an opportunity for death and rebirth. It’s an invitation to let go of the old aspect of the self that conflicts with its path and purpose so that it can awaken and rebirth alignment with its higher light self. This is about up-leveling from 3D to 5D and unifying your actions, thoughts, and outcomes with Source.

Here is a few sneak peeks of what I’ll be doing on 2/2/22:

  • taking time to connect to Mother Earth at the beginning of the day
  • taking time for juice and healthy foods
  • taking time for gratitude and thanksgiving
  • working with some amazing clients
  • clearing my home and setting intentions for an incredible and supportive season ahead
  • taking time to write and connect to my community
  • taking time to clean and organize spaces in my home
  • taking time to intentionally craft special crystal grids for my daughter, our vehicle, and our space
  • taking time for play, laughter, and love with my King
  • taking time to smile and be connected to my Light Self (it only takes a few seconds to check in!)

So I’m curious to ask you…how are you working with the energies of 2/2/2022 today and this week?

Let me know below or reply back to this email! I'm wishing you an amazing and stellar day of 22's ahead!


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