The Work Is Here. Are You Ready For It?

The work is here. Are you ready for it?

One of the questions that I get asked every week when I work in the Akashic Records is "What's my Soul's Purpose?"

One of the most common responses that come from the RK's (Record Keepers) is "You're here to serve."

Many people feel like they are already doing something in the form of service. However, others are not quite sure how to execute this.

My friend, the time has come for you to step up to the plate to serve because the work is right before you now.  

When a global giant steps in to invade a smaller country, this is an act of injustice. What has happened with Russia invading Ukraine is no small thing to ignore. This action trumpeted a louder invitation to do work.

You are here as part of a special group of Light Beings inhabiting a human form and doing your Lightwork on Earth. Earth is your training ground, school, and vehicle for your ascension and evolution.

As a Lightworker, Agent of Change, or a Bridge of Light - you have the opportunity to serve this type of cause through spirituality, self-growth work, community building, entrepreneurship, healing, leadership, speaking, and visionary work. You're here to step out of your comfort zone to create, volunteer, express yourself or take a stand.

The work is here…are you ready for it?

Lightworkers are being called all over the world to do their part.  

What exactly is their part?


Lightworkers are tasked with:

  • having to face the darker aspects of themselves to receive grace, light, and healing
  • having to face difficult family dynamics so they can find their light and cling to it as a guidepost
  • feeling the world so intensely so they can transmute the heaviness, pain, and suffering
  • experiencing difficult lessons so they can discover their strength, courage, and capacity to endure hardship
  • discovering their well of compassion and forgiveness so they can help heal the world
  • extended psychic abilities because their here to receive, support, and deliver wisdom and knowledge
  • doing the heavy lifting for themselves so they can show the world that they can bend, not break
  • clearing ancestral and generational trauma, pain, and injustice

Light stuff, right?!? No pun intended.

You may not have realized what a big task or role you could play in this incarnation. That's ok. You may not be ready yet, and you are welcome to acknowledge yourself when you are.


However, if you know your Lightwork task and Self, now is the time to step up.

When a lightworker is ready to serve the world and the greater good, there are some key pieces of training they must experience.

They must be willing to step away from what is safe, comfortable, accepted, or known because they have a unique path and trajectory to contributing.

Lightworkers must be willing to cultivate a special relationship with the Divine, their Spirit Guides, and Soul Council.

They must also be willing to reach a point of neutrality or zero-point within themselves so that they can release judgment and criticism of an imperfect world around them.

Lightworkers are indeed tasked with a big job, but you may have volunteered to come to this Earthly plane because you knew you could handle the task, you could awaken and not self-destruct, and you could find a way to support, give back or anchor healing for the planet.

It's not an easy path to be a Lightworker. However, it sets you free. You have the invitation to step past the 3D polarity of this world to embrace a higher vision of unity, peace, and love. You have the choice to initiate your healing or receive it from others. You have the resources and technology available to communicate your message to the world.


The world needs you right now, and it always has.

Great Spirit's work is right in front of you, and it's an invitation to serve in the Army of Light. This army of light gathers not on this 3D plane but the Higher Reams of 4D, 5D, and beyond. This army doesn't use material weapons because it doesn't need to. Instead, as an Army of Light, you fight the battle on a level our consciousness can't encapsulate, but our Higher Light Self can.


The power of thought, intention, choice, and energy can be so impactful that dwelling in this reality is more of a challenge than one realizes when they're called to serve on multiple dimensions of being.

To be involved in the Army of Light, one must be willing to be a servant of The Most High God. This type of servitude does not diminish, control or disempower you. On the contrary, it supports the expression of your Divine self and your role on Earth. It's not about bondage, but a sacred pact to come to this Earth plane, serve and make a difference. It's about recognition, solidarity, and the upliftment of the self and others.

You absolutely do make a difference which is why the work is in front of you now.

Please don't shy away from the Lightwork. It's an invitation for meditation, prayer, gratitude, and connection. It's an invitation to play and participate at the highest level of Being. It triggers a sacred knowing that what you do with your light in the world can ripple and trigger the awakening of another.  

That's what has struck me most about the invasion of Ukraine.  

I understand people are suffering, displaced, and lives have been lost. I realize the threat of a nuclear war is very real for some people. I can see that fear is real when a bomb goes off in your neighborhood. But, I choose not to focus on that. Instead, I am focusing on the global solidarity that appears because our consciousness recognizes a toxic bully, and it's not having any of it.

I am focusing on all the different people and organizations offering solace, support, money, and even their physical bodies to be a part of a greater movement of the light battling dark. I am focusing on sending hope, energy, strength, and healing to those caught in this crisis. I am focusing on seeing the good in others while acknowledging that others, including Putin, may still be in the dark and trying to uphold a belief around the control that is an illusion.

The work is right before you, and it's an invitation for you to step up and do something.


What does your Light Self want you to do today?

Pay attention and listen to the messages of your Guides and Soul Council because you are being led to a higher path of being, awareness, and realization.

Take a brave, courageous step and stand up for something you believe in.

You came here for a reason, and that's to contribute, awaken, heal, love and integrate yourself. If you've successfully managed to do this, offer your services to the world. Be visible and share your message. Be a light amidst the dark because you are so needed.


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