What's happening in October 2022?

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What's coming down the pipeline?

Can you believe it? It’s October, and we’re whizzing through this year at quantum speed!

There seems to be quite an energy buzzing around as we now move directly with Mercury and other planetary bodies.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the October Forecast, check out the video above.

The RK’s had some stellar information to share around key areas of your life. You may be asking…but I’m a Leo or an Aquarius! Does that pertain to me specifically?!?

The good news is that the RKs are tuning into the energy of the Akashic Collective around you and Mother Earth. Whether you’re a particular sign, the information is intended to support your decisions this month, so check it out if you’re curious.

We’ve got a lot of awesome training and experiences for you this month. Here’s what we’ve got to share.

🫶 FREE 3-Part Mini-Training 🫶

If you’re a sensitive introvert, a service provider, or someone who desires to have a thriving spiritual wellness practice but you feel like you’re afraid to be fully seen, then this mini-training is perfect for you.

My coach recently shared that one of the biggest struggles people in the holistic industry face is imposter syndrome. I had a hard time hearing that because I’ve struggled with imposter syndrome before, and it’s something that we all share together.

That’s why the RKs asked me to pivot and offer this timely training for two special reasons:

  1. I want to help you remove those blocks that prevent your authentic voice from ringing clearly. I want to support your success, growth, and visibility worldwide.

  2. This training helps current and future BARG (Become an Akashic Records Guide) students get ready to clear their blockages to communication so they can fully receive and deliver as the unique Divine expression of spirit they are.

This training has never happened before, and it’s deeply personal, vulnerable, and intimate as I reveal my own struggles and triumphs with Imposter Syndrome. To be honest…it still rears up from time to time, but I now have tools to help me face it. These are the tools I want to share with you!

Register for this free training here: Clear Blocks Tied to Imposter Syndrome

 🌟 FREE Giveaway this month of October 🌟

That’s right, friend. I’m extending some BIG LOVE and POSITIVE energy your way because I am here to play and play BIG!

We’re doing a special giveaway this month, and this giveaway is tied to our mini-training and our signature event.

 I want to help you win some great prizes. These are what we’re giving away this month:

  1. Grand Prize: Full Scholarship to BARG (Become an Akashic Records Guide), a spot in the Mastermind, and an Akashic Records Reading with Anne.

  2. Second Prize: A full scholarship to BARG

  3. Third Prize: Access to Master the Akashic Records

To participate, here are your requirements:

  • Sign up for the FREE mini-training

  • Attend the teaching sessions in The Akashic Collective in the morning and engage

  • Attend the afternoon channeling and meditations via Zoom and engage

  • Show up, participate in the 3-day training, and be there on Thursday when we announce the winner.  

We’ll put all the names in the Wheel and spin to see who the prizes go to! I hope you come and play because I’d love to give this gift to you!

Giveaway dates: October 11, 12, and 13, 2022. October 13, 2022, is when we announce the winners after the training is complete!



🚀 Become an Akashic Records Guide 🚀🚀
General Enrollment opens on October 10, 2022

Become an Akashic Records Guide (BARG) is now open for General Enrollment. This fall program is unlike the previous programs!

We’re adding:

  • EIGHT energy activations each week

  • Welcome Box that includes your channeling journal, channeling pen, and cool stickers

  • a bigger team of awesome students/alumni who are here to serve and support your journey

  • so much more play and light!

Become an Akashic Records Guide (BARG) is THE signature training program to help you step into your role as a Priest/Priestess of the Higher Dimensions.

It’s an 8-week live program to help you tune into your authentic voice and connect to your Spirit Guides and Akashic Records, so you can receive information that helps you maximize this life!

This program includes:

  • 8 - weekly coaching calls in the Akashic Records
  • 8 - weekly practice and channeling opportunities
  • 8 - weekly Q&A
  • an incredibly supportive, positive and high-vibes community
  • awesome bonuses and resources
  • certification as a Channel and Akashic Records Reader


This is one of my most sacred offerings, and I pour my energy, attention, devotion, and support for students and alums to get the training they need so they feel confident, clear, and ready to serve the world in a great way.

 If this is a program that calls to your heart and spirit, I invite you to check it out here. Registration is open, and we’ll be actively enrolling people as we begin our training the following week.

The dates of BARG are October 17 - December 9. Founding Members have access to two extra weeks of practice which concludes on December 21, 2022. 

Register for BARG(Become an Akashic Records Guide) here



October brings the energy of creativity, expansion, and play!

I invite you to come and play with us in the spiritual playground of life, The Akashic Collective, and Mother Earth.

Together, we’re here to make this incarnation positive, fun, and most of all, meaningful and impactful!

I look forward to connecting and playing with you soon!

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