It’s About Honor

by anne marie pizarro Nov 18, 2020

My Ancestors have been coming to me as of late and I haven’t been listening. It showed up strong before the Full Moon on October 31, 2020 – All Hallow’s Eve.

My dreams became chaotic, scary, revealing and down-right weird. I could sense they wanted to deliver me a message but I wasn’t getting it.

I was too buried in work and focused on my course creation process that I wasn’t paying attention.

Imagine my surprise when I received a text message, reminding me of a Tarot card reading I had booked many many months ago. I had completely forgotten about this reading and was delighted at its timing.

This was the most unusual Tarot card reading that I’ve ever received and clearly…I was just supposed to listen. I put away my questions because they seemed redundant when the cards were revealing a completely different terrain of thought and activity that I wasn’t attending to.

Hello?!? Anne…you’re Ancestors are knocking on your door. Why aren’t you letting them in?

That was it. I had to come to terms that I was resisting my Ancestors for a reason and that made me feel guilty.

That guilt was rooted from a place of avoidance because at my core, I didn’t really know how I wanted to go about doing it. It seems silly right?

You put up a picture, light a candle, put some flowers…voila! They’re happy!

But it’s way more than that.

It’s about true acknowledgment and honor. It’s about feeling gratitude for their struggles and sacrifices and most of all, their love that brought you and I here.

It’s about spending a little time in meditation together. It’s about remembering what you can and your time together. It’s about asking them for their help in times of need.

Honoring our Ancestors is a special act of awareness that allows us to see our place in the grand scheme of things. According to Ancestral Mathematics (or a meme that I saw on Facebook),

“For you to be born today from 12 previous generations, you needed a total of 4,094 ancestors over the last 400 years.”

And this all starts from your 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents…you get the picture.

That’s a whole lot of honoring and I can get why this may feel like a big job. However, that’s where the beauty of it all lies. It’s not work; it’s honoring.

It’s as simple as saying ‘I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you and Thank You.’

That’s the power of accountability. It can bring healing, peace and balance. For one person, this can ripple throughout the world in the form of sound and thought vibrations.

From these 4,094 Ancestors, you’re also linked to so many more people through commonality, connections and associations. In a way, it’s like the matrix of the Flower of Life. From one, comes two, to four, to eight and so on…

The most important message that came from my Tarot card reading was that I am living the dream life of my Ancestors. I get to live my dream life knowing it honors them.

All their struggles, challenges, obstacles and their sacrifices weren’t for nothing. I get it now and I’m so grateful.

Every moment that we get to live is in honor and homage of those that came before us and those that will come after.

And this is why it’s important for us to honor those lives who’ve been lost to COVID-19 this year.

My friends, this is an incredible, unbelievable amount of Souls that are transitioning at such a rapid rate. This is so much heaviness, sadness and pain for our world to bear.

With this massive exodus of Souls, there are many that are stuck in the in-between plane that may still be in a state of shock or disbelief, unable to reach peace because they didn’t get closure with their families or loved ones.

It’s important for us to acknowledge and honor those who’ve transitioned during this time for it’s a reminder that our journey on this plane is but a brief passage of time.

This is the message of the Ancestors. They have shown up in huge numbers to assist this transition of Souls and they ask us for our support through acknowledgment and accountability.

This is a special prayer that I’d like to share with you to honor those who’ve transitioned, are lost or suffering in the realms and have not yet found peace.

We ask The Most High, our Angels, Guides and Ancestors to please assist the multitude of Souls who may be in the state of transition find peace, experience love and return to the Light. May all Beings who suffer be released of their pain and be enfolded in your Grace and Love.

I’m Sorry. Please Forgive Me. I Love You and Thank You.

May you continue to be blessed with safety, health and abundance!

Bless Up,



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