In The Face of An Emergency….

Energy Connection Tip of the Day: In the face of emergent situations, the importance of preparedness is executed on all levels of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Being ready for anything begins with creating the foundation of trust in The Most High, your ability to survive through anything and to assist your community in need.

Recently, Central Texas was hit by multiple fires surrounding the city of Austin and parts of Dallas.  Many communities were afflicted and people were evacuated out of their homes.  The largest damages occurred in Bastrop, Steiner Ranch, and Spicewood.

There were many people that were scared, lost, and stressed about their loss and lack of information.  It was devastating.  The air was filled with smoke in the city and the horizons were split with burning clouds that could be seen 30 miles away.  Pictures are only a smidgen of what affected so many.

In the middle of July, I received some Akashic Record Transmissions talking about preparing for emergency situations.  My girlfriends and I began collecting and preparing food.  I thought I was semi-prepared. Boy, was I wrong.

When I heard about the multitude of families that had to be evacuated and had less than 10 minutes to leave, many of them were unprepared.  I realized upon seeing the news and talking to my friends and neighbors that I too was unprepared.

I began researching information about emergency preparedness and have listed some resources that may be of assistance to you:

How to Make a 72-Hour Kit for Emergency Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness

The Components of A Go-Bag

Emergency Preparation – What to Take When You Escape

15 Emergency Car Items – Emergency Preparedness When on The Road

Emergency Preparedness for any kind of natural disaster

So why am I passing this information on?

I have never been of the paranoid mind-set or fear-based thinking. However, let’s take a good look at the scenarios of our world right now. When our Earth changes reflect earthquakes, fires, tsunamis and changes that can happen unexpectedly, then it is of importance that you best be prepared.

Some people may say that if you start preparing, you will be manifesting. However, I disagree with that.  If you happen to be prepared and are able to calm your fears down and think more clearly in terms of what do I need to save that I cannot replace, then you will be more ready in case anything happens.

Sure, material possessions can be replaced.  Homes can be rebuilt. Food and “stuff” can be be bought or donated.  However, memories aren’t always easily so.  Save your pictures, your sacred texts, your heirlooms.

Most importantly, save yourself, your family and your pets.  Do what is necessary now to prepare so that if you have less than 10 minutes to leave, you are not scrambling for extra.  And yes….there will always be the fear and regret of what you have to leave behind.  In doing so, my prayers, compassion, sympathy, and gigantic loads of energy and love go out to you.

May all those who have suffered during this time be blessed by The Most High and uplifted to their next level of living and being.

To donate, please pick one of the links below to send money, items or support.  Many blessings and thanks to you!

Donate to the Central Texas Red Cross

How Can You Help the Fire Victims

Austin Disaster Relief Network


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