How Your Light Avatar is Charting the Course of Your Life

by anne marie pizarro May 04, 2021

When I was 8-9 years old, I was quite a handful. I was often lost in my own world, imagining that I could be anything. I’d fantasize about exploring the world on exciting treks, battling ninjas with a well-trained team, acting on a stage, or solving ancient mysteries. I was a dreamer and lived in a split world of reality.

There was the mundane life of family, school, and chores. It didn’t help that my parents were so strict that sleepovers, camps, and friends coming over just didn’t exist. I had one job and that was to study, be good, don’t talk back, and don’t get in the way.

The other world of my imagination was much more inviting. This was a place where I felt wild and free, in touch with life, Spirit, and other Beings.

I didn’t know then that when I went into my imagination, I became a being of Light. I wasn’t constrained by my physicality or limitations unless I imposed it. For a while, there was no imposition.

Then the words of parents, teachers, television shows, magazines, and friends began to infiltrate into that idyllic state of innocence and pure joy. Others' opinions started to have a greater weight than my own. I learned what disappointment and frustration felt like. I learned to guard my thoughts and words so that I only shared what I felt was needed rather than what I really wanted to express.  

For a period of time, it felt like I was enshrouded in the unknown, doing what was the status quo to please and try and fit in. It was never easy or enough and I never felt comfortable. I couldn’t understand why…I just knew I was searching for something more.

My curiosity opened my path to spirituality in my early 20’s. At first, it started with using natural products. Then it moved on to food and books I was consuming. I felt like a voracious sponge, taking it all in like I was finally finding an oasis in the desert.

This was just the beginning of my awakening. My Light Being was bursting free from the shackles of conformity, the need to belong, and to feel accepted. It was coming into a state of awareness, recognition, and evolution. That’s when life began to change around me.

I always had this feeling early on that something was guiding me. I could feel this force around me because it protected me from falls and injuries because my head was so up in the clouds and lost in thought. My Light Avatar would also trigger my intuition or gut instincts when something was way off, making me stop and consider the situation.

My Light Avatar, my Higher Self, was always for me as yours has been there for you. However, the noise of our minds and the world around us doesn’t always give us the clarity to know and discern when light or information is coming through. Our filters are often clouded by our experiences and we’re here on this plane to get clear on our mission, path, and purpose.

So how do we get closer and connected to our Light Avatar nature? There are three simple suggestions that will help you.

#1. Start to watch your thoughts and pay attention to the duality of negative vs positive

#2. Take time to slow down, stop and connect with your Higher Self/Light Avatar by taking a walk in nature, commune with Spirit through meditation or receive messages via your dreams

#3.  Practice operating in your sacred heart space where your Light Avatar is free to be in their true form

You have an important role when it comes to working with your Light Avatar. This may surprise you but you’re not the one in charge. Your Higher Self/Light Avatar is and they’re driving the wheels of your mind through your thoughts and images of yourself.

Your Conscious Self may be ladened with resistance, self-judgments, fears, and rationality. It’s working from a databank of experience and potential outcomes and pitfalls. It’s trying to make sure it keeps you alive and plugged into the world so you can survive and make it.  

Your Light Avatar self has access to your entire blueprint of existence. It knows what you’re here to do, what lessons you need to learn, and supports your connection and communication with Source. Your Light Avatar confirms your intuition, guides your motivation, and expands your energetic nature.  

To successfully allow your Light Avatar to navigate the course of your life requires you to let go of the need to be in control and to relax into allowing. Your Light Avatar steers you in the direction of your greatest growth. Your job is to respond, go into action and not beat yourself up along the way.

Your Light Avatar will show you ideas, visions, and plans for your future. Your job is to be patient for the answers to come and initiate the action that leads to your ideas and outcomes.

Your Light Avatar will show you what lessons, challenges, and patterns are needed to be resolved to evolve into your higher nature. Your job is to face these discomforts and meet the challenges rather than avoiding and running away.

Your Light Avatar will show you how to love, be loving and share that love with the world. Your job is to anchor that love within for yourself and for your fellow mankind.  

This is how the world heals. This is how you heal. This is how your Light Avatar can show you the way through this life. 

You don’t have to struggle to know all the answers or what to do next. Friend, you just need to relax into your Being and allow Source and your Light Avatar to guide you. You just need to have an open mind and be responsive to the signs when they appear. You don’t have to do anything extra - just allow and let your Light Avatar shine through.








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