How old were you when you first heard about SELF-LOVE?

How old were you when you first heard about SELF-LOVE?

I was 22 years old when I first heard about Self-Love. I was going through a very difficult period in my life. I was in nursing school, feeling lost and frustrated and stuck in a program I hated.  

I was spiraling downward and out of control. I was living at home with my parents, and I really didn't have a sense of direction. That's when I began to turn to books as a way of understanding and identifying my pain.

The first book I got a hold of was The Celestine Prophecy, and I randomly found this book at a Half-Priced Bookstore. I began to devour it, only to find missing pages and blank texts. Of course, this could have been a normal misprint from the publisher, but I took it as a sign from the Universe that there were 'missing' areas of my life that I needed to explore.

That led me down to discovering natural foods, health, and wellness. I began to shop differently, eat a variety of foods I'd never been exposed to and started the journey of self-understanding. I brought plants into my room and created a relationship of attention, presence, and tuning into their sentience. I began to work with crystals, Spirit, and other healing practitioners.

I really had no idea what I was doing. I was just hungry for knowledge. I was looking for answers to help explain why I didn't feel so good, so happy, and so at ease inside.

That's when I discovered the concept of Self-Love. It wasn't a book or a method that led me there. The examination of my discomfort, pain and abandonment issues made me realize that how I had been taught or shown love was completely skewed.

I never heard my parents talk about the importance of self-love. I never heard my friends, teachers, or relatives talk about self-love. I never heard the priest or church members talk about self-love. If anything, I heard that it was selfish and vain to love yourself because it reflected narcissism and 'self-importance.'


Who was I to love myself?!?

Talk about a total mind-F&#K.

It took years for me to understand that if I didn't love myself, how could I love anyone else? It took many painful relationships for me to understand that these partners were actually teachers in love. It took a very painful divorce to help me understand that I couldn't be with someone who made me feel like I wasn't worthy of greater love.

For some, self-love isn't taught in our homes or school. The main reason is that our parents may not have been taught this concept, or they may have been conceived in a way that didn't honor love. In addition, how your parents and grandparents talk about self-love is handed down the generational lines.

We're taught to value hard work, perseverance, and thinking of the welfare of others. No wonder so many people are burnt out. No wonder so many women put themselves last to take care of their families and priorities. No wonder we have a divorce rate of over 50% in the United States.

When you're not taught to value or love yourself at an early age, you start to displace authority outside of you. You start to seek approval, validation and belonging from others. As a result, you doubt how you feel about yourself. Sometimes you don't even know what it takes to love and accept yourself.

When I began to remember my quest for self-love at 22, it cracked me open. After that, I began to seek healing and integration. I began to find the spiritual balm that would soothe the burning in my soul, but it wasn't easy. It would take another ten years before I was willing to be vulnerable to open my heart to myself.

When I was 32, I attended a One-Command Workshop, and we were doing some deep inner child work. In this class, I was asked to invite my inner child to come out, talk to her, and give her what she needed that she didn't get when she was young. Then…we were asked to open our arms and invite in our inner child. I visualized my inner child being about three years old and coming to me. I held her little face in my hands and looked into her big brown eyes. My heart was bursting at the moment, and tears were brimming, about to overflow. These were the words I told her:

"Sweetheart, I'm so sorry that you got hurt as a little one. They just didn't know how tender your heart was and how deep the pain would be. But I'm here now, and I'll never let anyone hurt you that way again. I love you so much, and I want you to know you can come home to me. I will always love you, protect you and be kind to you so that you will know what true love feels like."

Even as I write these words currently, tears still come to my eyes because that inner child was so wounded. But throughout these years, the wounds hurt less. They don't bleed or get cracked open like they used to, and the work hasn't stopped because of it.  


It still requires daily tending and cultivating to love yourself the way you deserve.  

No, my friend, this is NOT about vanity, indulgent behavior, or narcissism. It's about honoring what you need so that you can feel balanced, happy, and whole. You deserve it, and this life doesn't have to be so hard.

The RK's (Record Keepers) asked me to teach and channel Sacred Love - Sacred Money next week, starting Tuesday, February 15 - Thursday, February 17, 2022. They reinforced to me that there's no way of getting out of the work of facing yourself, and this is why they're bringing up self-love this week because you can't explore the sacred if you're not willing to recognize your own holiness. You can't receive sacred love if you're unwilling to acknowledge that you deserve it. You can't align to sacred money if you don't feel like you love yourself enough to be worthy of such abundance.

So the homework started this week, and it came as an unexpected gift.  

I asked people publicly to share when they first heard about the concept of self-love. It's a daunting question and an even more daunting outcome when you realize that people are afraid to answer because they don't know about self-love, aren't willing to share their journey with it, or are afraid of what others think.

It doesn't matter what others think. It only matters what you think and says to yourself around your relationship with self-love because this is the 1st relationship you have with the Divine.  

Are you willing to let that part of you in and receive love the only way you can give it to yourself?

If so, take a chance on yourself and join me next week to receive the channeled messages on Sacred Love Sacred Money with the Record Keepers. It's a gift that your inner child has been waiting for: true and unconditional love and acceptance.


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