How Does Stagnant Energy Manifest into Dis-Ease?

Energy is like water.  When it flows freely, it moves debris, blockages, and unused matter out of the way.  Our bodies are very similar to water.  Stagnant energy manifests into dis-ease causing all kinds of conditions from cancer, heart disease, psychological issues, pulmonary/respiratory effects and more.

Why does stagnant energy manifest into dis-ease?  Here’s a few reasons that may resonate with you or someone you know:

#1.  When you experience trauma, it encodes the memory in your organs and cells, recreating the experience exponentially in your subconscious until you release it.

#2.  When stagnant energy is unable to move out of any organ, for example your liver, you will experience such dis-ease conditions such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver, or liver cancer.

#3.  When stagnant energy does not move out of our system or organs, we replicate those patterns that feed it through the circumstances we attract into our lives such as relationships, careers, and feelings.

#4.  When stagnant energy builds up to a point beyond repair or clearing, the tissue or organ begins to suffer or die because it can not hold that vibration any longer and is toxic.

#5.  When stagnant energy does that move out of the body, it is a multi-organ and field effect.  What affects you on a physical level will eventually affect you on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

How Do You KNOW if YOU have stagnant energy in your body?

#1.  You feel lethargic, weak, and unmotivated.

#2.  You feel unhappy, unfocused, and unsure of your decisions.

#3.  You have physical symptoms that do not go away.

#4.  You have difficulty sleeping or have a restless night’s sleep.

#5.  You have issues in your relationships that seem to repeat themselves.

#6.  You are unable to feel comfortable wherever you go.

#7.  You feel like “you’re the only one going through this.”

#8.  You have multiple symptoms in multiple organs and taking an exorbitant amount of medications that you are unsure of.

#9.  You feel like crying uncontrollably or without explainations.

#10.  You feel like something is going on inside and are not sure what.

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?  If so, I can help.  I wrote those symptoms above because I have experienced at least 1-2 or more of those symptoms in my life.  And as a nurse of over 13 years experience, I have watched countless others exhibit these symptoms and not know where to go.

Here is how I can help you:

#1.  We can use the Akashic Records to assist you in finding out what is going on, what the cause is, and what your lesson is.

#2.  We can work with the Violet Angelic Ray in Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) to help release stagnant energy blockages, memories, traumas,  and feelings from your organs, cells, and energy field.

#3.  We can pull out any negative energies attached to you through Theta Healing.

#4.  We can assist you with clearing your space and gridding it for your highest and best good through Crystal Gridding.

#5.  We can work with you and your DNA to find out where in your body you are manifesting dis-ease and work to release or repattern it through DNA Analytics and Theta Healing.

Remember, you are an energetic being in constant flux with your environment.  Be in control of your life, your thoughts, your emotions, and your energy field.  You are after all – co-creator with The Most High.


With Blessings and Thanks!



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