Do you know how to bend time?

It was 5 o'clock Friday rush-hour traffic in Austin. 75% of the roads were blocked and stagnant in non-movement, and I had an interesting dilemma in front of me.

I had promised my daughter that I'd pick up her friend in Round Rock and bring her to our home for a sleepover. I had also promised my bandmates that we'd have band practice at 6:00 pm. 


On a good day, you can get to Round Rock from South Austin in 45 minutes, but that would be more like 90 minutes on a regular Friday in Austin. Without any accidents.


It was 5 pm, and I was just leaving my house. Can you understand my conflict?


I closed my eyes and did the one thing I felt called to do. I commanded and asked the Time Lords for help. I asked them to help me bend time and make it to this location and back by 6:00 pm. Please.


That request, my intentions to allow the outcome to appear, and my single-minded focus opened a portal of light that aligned the traffic lights to be green, for me to fly through the toll at 90 mph and travel in a Merkaba of Light that defied linear time. As a result, I flew through the Toll Road and made it to Round Rock and back to my house in 62 minutes.  


We got there before my bandmates, and I somehow managed to bend time and space with my Guides and the Time Lords. 


This wasn't the first time that it had happened. Instead, ongoing evidence proved that our connection to higher unseen forces is continually evolving as we discover our energy, frequency, and vibrational capacities.


The Time Lords are special beings of light that oversee our connection to the network of time and space and the delicate balance of elements, matter, geometries, and constant evolution and expansion. They have never manifested in form and are in alignment with the Akashic Field to collect, record and monitor.


I was first exposed to the Time Lords when I journeyed to Egypt in 2009 and was shown the Halls of Amenti, an access point to the Hall of Records. The Time Lords expanded my view of time and space when I was in a special meditation ceremony in the Great Pyramid of Giza.  


They transported me to the multi-verse multi-dimensional 'map' and showed me the concurrent events that aligned with our sacred ceremony. They explained how the actions of a group could affect a larger mass consciousness. They showed the nature of time as a force of energy that affects people's lives, creativity, and relationships. They revealed the spiral, expansive quality of time encoded in the story of the Flower of Life.

(Please Note: The Time Lords that we'll be discussing is different from the Dr Who's version. Disclaimer: I've never seen a single episode of Dr Who)

My time with the Time Lords was a very unique and influential experience in my life. That journey in the pyramids activated a cellular memory of having been there before and doing similar rituals and activities. It was as if I experienced oneness and unity with time and Source.


After returning from Egypt, I occasionally practiced bending time, mainly to quickly get from one place to another. Then I began to test it when it came to business and productivity. Something shifted. I began to grow and expand. Then I began to apply it to doing sessions with people. Wow! I could do 4-5 sessions per day! 


And somewhere along the way, I activated the energy of the personal aging clock and slowed it down so I could feel youthful, vital, joyful, and at ease. I'm nearly 50 years old, but I get told by so many people that I look like I'm in my 30's.  Don't you want to know how to slow the hands of time and aging?


I share this background information with you because the most precious commodity we have is time.  


How we spend it, use it, work with it and manage it determines what we get done, how we feel about ourselves, and whether we get closer to that feeling of relief like, "Oh, I've finally got it! I can relax NOW!"


Friend, time is of the essence, and when I tuned in to my students of Become an Akashic Records Guide, I heard the request for time-bending. The Record Keepers were more than happy to reveal the information they've been collecting about our relationships with time and how to work with the Time Lords.


Is this something you'd like to learn?


If you do, I'd love to invite you to attend my September Masterclass on Time-Bending. 


This Masterclass is occurring on Wednesday, September 29, 2021, from 4:00 - 5:30 pm CST.


During this Masterclass, you'll learn how to maximize your relationship with time, use time effectively, and take advantage of time by working with the Time Lords to expand the amount of time you have, your productivity, and your presence.


In this 90-minute Masterclass, you'll go through 5 very helpful concepts that will support your work with time, maximize your relationship with it and call in the Time Lords.


You'll understand how to use phrases that activate your connection with the Time Lord, how to execute blocks of time to your advantage, and how to slow down and speed up the clock.


You'll experience different exercises that you can apply immediately because you'll be able to see the effects of this in REAL-TIME.


This class is super helpful for people who feel stressed out, like they don't have enough time to get all they want to get done.


When you sign up for this Masterclass, you'll receive two very valuable tools: the Time-Bending Checklist and the Time Tracker


The Time-Bending Checklist helps you review the order of connection, while the Time Tracker helps you maximize how you're working with time and the TimeLords. You'll receive the checklist and time tracker during your live call. 


Because time is so precious, learning how to work with it will help you live a life of present focus and awareness instead of regret that you didn't do enough.


If you're unable to make it to the class, you'll receive access to catch the replay link the day after the class is complete.


This Masterclass is $27.00. Register for this class now.

Just know this, time is too precious to waste. Take advantage of the time you have and make the most of it!


Register for the Time-Bending Masterclass and learn 5 techniques to help you connect and work with the Time Lords in the Akashic Field.

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