Cracking the Code of Vulnerability

When the Record Keepers assigned the topic of Embodiment to me, I thought it was going to be a series of simple channeled messages. Nothing is ever simple with the Record Keepers. I should have known better. 

They assign me topics because they know it brings a breakthrough.  That breakthrough often provides the critical step to self-evolution and understanding. Embodiment is that missing step/link between intention and manifesting. However, before you can embody anything, you first have to get really vulnerable with yourself to see what’s in the way. 

‘What’s in the way’ is another way of paraphrasing blocks, resistance or issues.  We all have them and we pile them up on top of us as a barrier or cover for vulnerability.

Vulnerability causes us to feel uncomfortable, naked and potentially open to injury or threat. It doesn’t always feel good to be vulnerable because we’re opening ourselves up to other people’s opinions or judgments and that can feel downright scary.  But we’ve been approaching vulnerability all wrong!

Being vulnerable with yourself, your feelings, emotions or thoughts isn’t about being weak or showing your weakness. If anything, being vulnerable with yourself is showing your strengths, your ability to support yourself and your ability to honor what’s ‘off’ within.

Being vulnerable means being truthful with yourself and others; it’s about honoring your boundaries and your inner state of balance.

Too often, we’re criticized for sharing how we really think, feel or see the world in early stages of life and we learn to hide, mask or bury our inner-most thoughts in an effort to belong, fit in or please. We discover that people can be cruel, can play favorites or can cut you down with a word or look. We learn that the world around can be a bit harsh and punishes those that are weak while celebrating strength and perseverance in others.

Vulnerability is not recognized or celebrated which is why we turn to therapists, counselors and healers for help.  

Vulnerability becomes this inner load we carry throughout our lives, growing through trials, efforts and challenges.  We eventually reach a breaking point where we no longer can carry it and things spill out.  We become embarrassed when details of the past, hurts or issues come to the surface, causing us to have to get real with ourselves.

Friend, we were never meant to carry this heavy burden on our own.  We were never meant to just suffer in silence, grin and bear it.  Source/Spirit/God is too loving for that.  We have always been provided with support, we just don’t ask for it.

Support for vulnerability can come in many ways from prayer, writing, doing releasing ceremonies to being willing to sit with someone to just hear them clearly, Vulnerability happens when you’re ready to share and let go of the barrier that holds you back from your authentic self.   Vulnerability happens when you ask Source/Spirit/God for help. It occurs when you open up to receive help from others.

Facing your own vulnerabilities is a huge step towards embodying your wholeness.  You can’t have one without the other.

This is why the RK’s asked to do this hard work around Embodiment because they knew the first step required getting crystal clear and real about what’s in the way to embracing your fullness.

This is an important step of self-realization because vulnerability is your way of knowing that you’re safe. It’s your way of assessing when the time is right to off-load in order to make space to on-board new energies, feelings and ways of being.  

Vulnerability shows you your inner masks, reasons and defenses so that you can bring them down and build up your container of inner strength, love, healing and truth. Vulnerability keeps you locked down on the 3-dimensional plane whereas embodiment elevates you to the 5-dimensional plane of union and alignment with Source.  

So let me ask you - Are you ready to break free of the old paradigm of vulnerability and step into your evolved state of Being and Embodiment? If you are, join me for a free discussion called “Cracking the Code of Vulnerability” on Wednesday, August 25, 2021 at 5:00 pm CST via the Akashic Collective where I’ll be delivering a channeled message from the Akashic Records of how to crack the code and break free from the old paradigm of judgment, criticism and fear.

We’re all evolving on this collective plane together.  Please know that what you realize and do for you can create a domino effect and ripple out into the world with Divine love, awareness and understanding. 


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